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Witnessing Change: Obama, Social Media and Challenging the Status Quo

Change in Higher Academia-Obama as Inspiration

Bryan Carter

on 2 November 2010

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Transcript of Witnessing Change: Obama, Social Media and Challenging the Status Quo

Witnessing Change: Obama, Social Media and Challenging the Status Quo Academic Traditionalists... Their Comfort Zone is... ...found in traditional interactions with... Students Colleagues Research Materials Why?? Why maintain the
INNOVATION... Barack Obama
and his
Campaign of
Change What did/does Obama
bring to the table? a different perspective
new ways of approaching old problems
new ways of communicating with others
a willingness to use technology in innovative ways He was/is challenged by:
Those in Positions of power
Those who do not wish to see an "evening" of the playing field
Those invested in maintaining the status quo
Those who are more committed to their lobbyists than to their constituients How did his campaign deal with such
strong opposition?
How is his administration dealing with haters? Integrity
unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration
unheard of efforts to equal the playing field...in a variety of areas and using a variety of techniques...like: Social Networking
Second Life
YouTube Thus Bypassing the "Traditional" Media Outlets to reach a new audience...
tech savvy
those who think differently about openness and privacy
socially oriented Unprecedented use of Web 2.0 Tools
he changed the way politicians organized supporters
advertise to voters
defend against attacks
communicate with constituents...Claire Miller-New York Times For Example:
YouTube -- Watched 14.5 Million Hours
would have cost 47 million on Broadcast TV
encouraged a new level of "fact checking"
allowed people to repeatedly listen to the candidates own words These New Mediums Demand Authenticity...Television Demanded "Fake" (Miller) So What Can We as Educators Learn From This? We should take from his campaign that:
our audience does not "do" traditional very well
if we think they do, we are fooling ourselves
and in the process we lose them (attention, support, etc...) We should also realize that:
our audience is more tech savvy than we want to admit
catching up with them may take us out of our comfort zone
it's ok, as long as we are "real" about what we are doing and why Our Efforts will ultimately change the classroom dynamic in ways we can hardly imagine... Our Students will be "differently" engaged
They will recognize and use the skills with which they come to the classroom
With our guidance, they will make creative links to our course content and their lives They will become "producers" instead of simply "consumers" of disciplinary understanding Producing New Understanding Through:
VoiceThreads on Blogs Producing New Understanding Through:
Internet Broadcast Video Producing New Understanding Through:
Internet Radio Broadcasts
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