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B&N 2

Week Four Presentation

Tim Auerhahn

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of B&N 2

- A New Approach to Scenario Planning
- Scan Hit Reporting
- Forces Impacting the Future of B&N

Scan Hit no.1
Strategic Partnerships
Scan Hit no. 2
Retail Globalization
Scan Hit no. 3
Strong Retail Competitors
Scan Hit no. 4
Values Based Leadership
Scan Hit no. 5
Marketing to Generations
Barnes and Noble Initiatives

Marvin Stepherson, CEO
Ashley Roose, Operations and Personnel
Tim Auerhahn, Finance
Lisa DeVinney, Strategy Execution
Kyle Banks, Strategy Logistics
The ValuCore Team
Risk Consciousness/Need for Renewal
New Thinking/Paradigm Shift
Business Development/Concept Development
Strategy Development/
Organizational Development
Forces Impacting the Future of Barnes and Noble
1. Competitors
2. Technology
3. Economy/Recession
4. MNC Globalization
5. Pricing Structure
6. Social Responsibility
7. Strategic Partnerships
8. Generation Separation
9. Bricks vs. eCommerce
10. Shopper Experience
11. Spending Habits
12. Company Leadership
13. Transparency
14. Social Media
Contingency planning/Plan B
Exploring prospects and
shaping new paradigms
Positioning: exploit new applications
and profit sources
Increase readiness for
change/developing strategic agility
“Your present circumstances don't determine
where you can go, they merely determine where
you start...." - Nido Quebein
“The future depends on what you do today.” Mohandas Gahndi
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