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The Dark Ages

No description

Matt Passwater

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of The Dark Ages

What would happen in the world today if the lights went out? The Dark Ages While you watch answer the questions on your Notes It has already happened once... So After Clovis is Crowned king... So what happened to Justinian?... Continue answering the questions on your notes So Now that Rome fell... 1. What questions would you ask of Alaric ?

2. What do you think could of happened next, now that Rome has fallen? In your Groups Discuss the following questions and come to a conclusion -- and justify your answer As you read please identify (underline/highlight) any important facts or details

If you come across any words you don't know CIRCLE the words
- On a separate sheet of paper Create two lists:
1st: What are the four most important facts or details that you read in the document?

2nd: Compile a list of all of the vocabulary words that you as a group struggled with As a group Take 15 min. to read the article
"The Middle Ages" 1. If you could Go back in time what instructions would you leave for the people living after the fall of the Romans empire?

2. Why did the dark ages start? In your Groups Come to a Conclusion
for the following question -- and justify your answer Individually read Clovis' life by Gregory

1. Apply the APPARTS strategy to the source
2.As a group discuss the question at
the end of the reading and arrive at a justified conclusion Covis' life by Gregory 1. How old was Clovis when he became king?
2. Why was it bad to be a relative of Clovis?
3. Describe the "Ordeal" What authority did the Ordeal rely on?
4. Compare and contrast mideval East Rome and mideval West Rome On the back of your Bubble Map, as an individual wrtie down the question and the answer As a Group Come up with a list of instructions for the people of the Dark ages dealing with the plague, what instructions would you leave for them to prevent the spread of the plague? Knowing what you know, individually 1. How did Justinian die? Why was his death significant?
2. What were the "towns" of Europe like in the dark ages?
3. What is the importance of the Monasteries? How are these monasteries the "light of the dark ages"
4. Why was Bead's work so important, Why were the works of all the monks so very important
5. How did St. Benedict of Nersia Impact monastic life? As a group answer the following questions As a group answer the following questions 1. What were the rules (and purpose) of Saint Benedict?
2. Why did people become monks?
3. What religion developed in 600 a.d. What major Doctrine do
they follow?
4. Who were the Moors? Who stood against them in Europe?
5. Who was the commander in chief of the Franks that stood against the Moors?
6. Where did the major battle occur? 1. Who was probably the most illuminating figure of the dark ages?
2. What was the choice Charlemagne's choice he gave to those he conquered
3. What did Charlemagne devote much of his time to? Why was this so surprising for someone of his standing? As a group answer these questions 1. What happened on Christmas day to Charlemagne?
2. What was Charlemagne's greatest challenge?
3. Where are they from? And what did they target?
4. What was their strategy?
5. Where was their favorite target? As a group answer the following questions As a group elect the following roles:
1. Team leader
2. lead author
3. lead artist
4. lead presenter

As a group you please create a poster that shows what you as a group think is the MOST IMPORTANT component of the Dark ages -- If you need additional assistance beyond the notes chapter 7 and 8 of your textbook talk about the dark ages Before we can see the light...
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