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Career Action Plan

Career Action Plan presentation

laura curiale

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Career Action Plan

Laura Curiale Career Action Plan Skills/Interests My Future JOB INTERESTS
My area of strongest Interest
Working with people

My Secondary Area of Interest
working with information and data Impact Wheel Education Opportunities 4214 Early Childhood Educator Academic Skills
I enjoy learning with no reward. Values My top 5 Personal Values are...
Helping Others
Leadership Personality Traits Positive
Very supportive
good catalyst
often enjoys downtime and simple things in life
stays true to their strong personal values Learning styles/Intelligence Learning style is Auditory (listening) Extra Curricular Opportunities Potential barriers Personal Management Skills
I have a positive attitude Teamwork skills
I ask for when needed My top 3 Work Values
Personal relationships
Self-expression Multiple Intelligence

Verbal 30%
Logical 10%
Visual 80%
Bodily 30%
Musical 100%
Interpersonal 80%
Intrapersonal 20%
Naturist 30% Negative
Often trusts people they shouldn't
May not always speak up when they need to
Can feel let down by others Definition of Success: High Five Principles Volunteering Opportunities I volunteer at my church and at my home
Listens to, understand and learn
Energy and persistence to get the job done Employment Opportunities My employment opportunities are babysitting and reffing soccer
Think critically
act logically to solve problems
accountability for actions taken
plan and make decisions with others and support the outcome Educational opportunities
me 2 we
Enriched History
all academic classes Post secondary
University of Western Ontario
Arts & Humanities 25
Graduated my undergraduate
masters program
steady income/job
Married/settling down 45
stay at home mom 65
Retired/thinking of retiring 25 45 65 PERSONAL INTERESTS
Family Amabile Choirs of London
youth group Success is being educated, happy, a trusted friend and doing what you love. FAMILY
Most of my time
Bigger number family
someone has my back
Dealing with people
School decisions
More oppourtunities and learning experiences Family Skills and Talents Interests Learning Experiences Leisure Experiences Values and belifs Gender Significant Others Daily Duties:
Plan and organize activities for preschool and school-age children
Lead children in activities that stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth
Guide and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
Observe children for signs of learning disabilities or emotional problems and take appropriate action Salary Range: $16,205.00 Working Conditions: a hectic, noisy environment, but bright and cheerful. should able to sustain children with lots of energy. Days include bending, lifting, stooping, reaching, cleaning up messes, taking kids to Activities. Must be constantly alert to potential dangers and disruptive situations. You'll have to hand out discipline fairly but firmly, and deal with parents who may or may not speak your language. Education Required: A bachelors degree or college diploma in early childhood education is required.
Progression to senior positions, such as day-care supervisor, is possible with experience. Related Jobs:
Day-care supervisor
Day-care worker
Early childhood assistant
Early childhood education worker
Early childhood educator Personal Skills/Qualities:
good with children
communication Useful Course:
Family Studies
First Aid (NOC) Labour Market Influences TRENDS Information Age better to have early childhood educators/assistance Demographics densely populated areas need of more childhood educators OUTLOOK Very Good relatively strong employment opportunities for skilled works in this occupation Adapting Training on new technology
keeping up with First Aid
growing businesses University Under-Graduate Program
Art & Humanities Solution Solution
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