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Graffiti Moon

No description

Rosie Roberts

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Graffiti Moon

Graffiti Moon
Journal Entry 1

Story Line
In the opening of Graffiti moon Lucy (the main female character) is searching for the mysterious Shadow, a graffiti artist that paints in the dark, that she believes is someone she could truly fall for. Ed (the Shadow) is introduced to us while spray painting a brick wall. He is accompanied by Leo who is known as the Poet. (He writes the words on Ed's art.)

Main Themes
At this point in the story it seems as though the theme is teenage romance.

'A guy who paints things like that is a guy who I could fall for. Really fall for.'
This quote is relevant to the themes as it shows teenage romance
Journal Entry 2
Story Line
Lucy goes out with her friends Jazz and Daisy after working with Al (an artist that teaches her.) Ed is there and Lucy feels that it's awkward because she broke his nose while on a date and he hasn't talked to her since. Little does she know, what she's looking for is right in front of her. Leo is also there, trying to end up with Jazz. They end up going on a hunt for Shadow due to Dylan (Daisy's soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend) mentions that he knows Shadow and Poet in an attempt to please Daisy. This annoys Ed as he doesn't want his cover as the Shadow blown, but they set off to a party where Dylan heard Shadow was.

Main Themes
The main themes in these chapters seem to be teenage romance and quest.

' "Are all girls called Lucy nose breakers?" '
This quote is said by Ed, reminiscing about their first date.
Journal Entry 3
Story Line
Lucy, Ed, Jazz, Leo, Daisy and Dylan arrive at the party, which is wild. Lucy and Ed end up leaving to 'look' for Shadow. Before leaving Lucy meets a boy named Malcolm Dove (who Leo owes money to.), who she thinks could potentially be Shadow. Lucy tells him where they are going in the hope that he is Shadow. Lucy and Ed travel to places where Shadow has painted. Lucy is surprised about how much Ed knows about art and finds herself not finding it awkward to talk to him after all.

Main Themes
The themes in these chapters are teenage romance, quest and first love.

'I paint so the fast-moving fear stops. I paint to close those doors.'
This quote is Ed thinking about why he likes to paint, not for the fear that it creates, but to stop the fear.
Chapters 1 and 2
Chapters 3 and 4 and 5
Chapters 6 and 7 and 8 and 9
Journal Entry 4
Story Line
Ed and Lucy continue looking at Ed's work, Lucy still oblivious. Ed contemplates telling Lucy about him being Shadow, as Bert (his old boss at the paint store where he worked) always told him to be honest with girls. Ed reminisces about his paintings. They look at a painting that he did after Beth (Ed's old girlfriend) left him. It is of a ghost in a jar. Lucy is intrigued with the work and hopeful that one day she will meet Shadow as she thinks that he makes everything better by just painting.

Main Themes
Teenage romance, quest and Lucy's disparity to find Shadow.

' I stand behind her, watching her watching my work.'
This is relevant to these chapters as it shows that Lucy is still oblivious to the fact that Ed is Shadow. Also in it's context this quote hints that Ed starts to develop feelings for Lucy.
Journal Entry 5
Story Line
Ed and Lucy ride on Lucy's bike in a dark park. As they can not see Ed ends up falling off, with the bike running over his face. As she's riding Lucy becomes confused as Dylan seems to know Shadow and Ed doesn't at all. That's when Lucy smacks into a tree. After checks that they are both okay, Lucy calls Jazz. Jazz and Lucy talk and Lucy finds out that Beth and Ed aren't together anymore, which is a completely different story to what Ed has been telling her. Lucy hands the phone to Ed as Leo wants to talk to him.

Main Themes
Teenage Romance, Lying, Quest, Confusion and Developing feelings.

'I take out a coin and flip it. Heads means Ed didn't tell me about Beth because he was playing hard to get.'
This is from the perspective of Lucy, it means that she has staretd to develop some feelings for Ed.
Journal Entry 6

Chapters 14 and 15 and 16
Story Line
Chapter 14 opens with Leo talking to Ed. They are planning a robbery of Lucy's and Leo's school (Ed has dropped out.) to make up the money that Leo owes Malcolm Dove. Leo has a van in which they are using for the robbery and drives over with Jazz, Dylan and Daisy to get Ed and Lucy. Ed doesn't agree with that idea as he doesn't want any one to think the girls are connected with the robbery if they get caught. Ed and Lucy walk up to the top of the hill (the one they fell down on the bike.) Lucy confronts ed about his lying and asks if there's anything else he has to say. he contemplates telling her about him being Shadow but the words don't come out. Lucy and Ed talk about art while walking up the hill. Malcolm Dove suddenly appears and asks Ed to 'pass' on a message. Lucy is confused as she thought Malcolm was Shadow and then quickly becomes angry as she realizes that Malcolm tricked her. Malcolm pierces Ed's ear and that's when Lucy hits him.

Main Themes
Sometimes things are too good to be true, Teenage Romance, Conspiracy.

That's when it happens. Lucy cracks him in the face.'
This quote is from Ed's perspective and it proves that Lucy is willing to defend him.
Journal Entry 7
Story Line
Lucy and Ed almost kiss, but it is disturbed as Lucy starts to vomit due to the punch she delivered to Malcolm. Leo, Jazz, Dylan and Daisy arrive and take them in the van, which is pink. They have to stop the van as Lucy begins to feel sick. Lucy and Ed sit on top of the van and talk. On the van Ed gets really close to telling Lucy that he's Shadow, he says that Shadow is robbing her school, is unemployed and not someone she would want to be with. The boys take the girls to a casino to a fortune teller. The girls go into the toilet, meanwhile Dylan is told that he forgot Daisy's birthday and goes to buy her a present.

Main Themes
Romance, Guilt, Consequence.

'"It's about Shadow. Shadow and me."'
This is Ed talking to Lucy. He gets really close to telling her about him being Shadow.
Chapters 15 and 16 and 17
Journal Entry 8

Chapters 18 and 19
Story Line
Dylan returns with flowers for Daisy and the girls emerge from the toilet to be greeted by Dylan, Raff, Pete and Tim (friends of Dylan, Leo and Ed's.) Walking back to the boys Lucy asks a question just to see what the reaction will be. "Do you know that Ed's Shadow?" The answer that she gets from Raff isn't anticipated. Lucy becomes angry at Ed for lying as she said lots of things about what she thought Shadow would be to Ed and thinks he will ridicule her. Ed responds by telling her that he didn't tell her about him being Shadow because he wasn't what she was expecting. Ed, Leo and Dylan have to leave because they are late to rob the school.

Main Themes
Realization, Teenage Romance.

'" In your head Shadow was this great person and I'm nothing." ......... "I can barely even read."'
This is Ed trying to explain to Lucy about why he didn't tell her he was Shadow.
Journal Entry 9
Chapters 20 and 21
Story Line
Lucy, Jazz and Daisy go to 'save' the boys from arrest. They arrive at the school and realize that the boys aren't there instead Malcolm is. The girls run into a security guard and Jazz makes up a lie that they saw some men stealing from the Media Block. The security guard runs off. Jazz calls Leo and he comes to collect them. Lucy is disappointed to see that Ed isn't there and finds out that he is with Beth (his old girlfriend.)

Main Themes
Romance, Danger , and Disappointment.

'Without him saying anything, I know Ed's with Beth.'
This is Lucy's disappointment at finding out that Ed is with Beth.
Journal Entry 10

Story Line
Al texts Lucy to say that Shadow is with him. Lucy gets on her bike and pedals down the street to Al's studio. When she reaches the top of the hill she sees a painting. It's by Shadow. It is of the sun, burning bright glass. Al offers Ed a job at his studio with Lucy. Lucy forgives Ed and she explains that she doesn't mind if he can't read, is unemployed or a criminal. Ed explains that he isn't with Beth and that he likes her.

Main Themes
Teenage Romance, Discovery.

'It's the sun. A ball of burning glass taking over the night.'
This is Ed's painting that he does for Lucy.
Chapters 22 and 23

After finishing year 12, Lucy Dervish begins a hopeful search for a mysterious graffiti artist who calls himself Shadow. Lucy believes that he is someone she could really fall for, little does she know, Shadow is the last person she would expect him to be. Her friends drag her to a party saying that Shadow will be there. After half an hour at the party Lucy and a boy named Ed, who is Shadow, leave and go to ‘search’ for Shadow. They go to places where Shadow has painted and Lucy remains oblivious to the fact that Ed is Shadow. Ed and Lucy eventually get picked up by their friends and they are taken to a casino where a fortune teller works. The girls excuse themselves to the toilet, leaving the boys to talk about the robbery they are planning later. Lucy finds out that Ed is Shadow and is angry. Ed, Leo and Dylan (some of her friends) have to leave to rob the school. The girls go to try to ‘save’ them from potential arrest. When they arrive at the scene of the robbery, the school, the boys aren’t there so they ring them and the boys come to pick the girls up. When the boys arrive Lucy is upset to find out that Ed isn’t with them and that he is at Beth’s (his ex-girlfriend) house. Lucy receives a text from her boss, Al, saying that Shadow was with him. She goes to the workshop. Ed has painted a wall for her of a burning bright glass sun. Ed is offered a job with Al and ends up going to do a University course with Lucy studying art.

Rosie Roberts
Circle Sessions
The main characters are all girls. There is some sort of romance in each novel. Some parts are traumatic in Earthbound and Lock and Key. In Lock and Key and Graffiti Moon the characters both admire someone of a similar age and they both are individuals and independent.
They are all set in different places. They all experience different scenarios. There are different characters involved in the storyline.
Earthbound- Tavia was stuck in a plane crash that that left her a sole survivor. As she goes on with her life she discovers things she never thought possible.
Lock and Key- Ruby has been living alone because her mother ran away. She goes to live with her long lost sister, Cora.

Chapters 12 and 13
Chapters 10 and 11
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