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kamie beck

kamie beck

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Turkey

The currency of turkey is the Turkish Lira, the currency code for lira is T.R.Y.
Neighboring countries
Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, syria, Iran,
Georgia, and Armenia.
Native plants
Modern Turkey was founded in 1923, from than an Atolian remnants of the defeated ottoman Empire by a national hero Mystafa Kemar, who was later honored with the tittle ''Ataturk'' or ''Father of the Turks.''

Turkey's flag
Turkey's flag is red, with a crescent and a star,these both being white.
The star and the crescent have been found on artifacts from ancient central Asia and Siberia and are believed to have been used in worship of the gods of the sun,moon and stars.
in America 23.96 dollars eqaul to 65 liras in turkey!
and 13.57 lira's = 5 dollars.
Native animals!

by Kamie Beck
Mountain goat
Mountain goats eat: grass, herbs, sedges, shrubs, ferns, mosses, and their favorite ... Lichens!
sedge! :)
Minor mouse
The minor mouse is know for digging in sand or dirt to catch insects :)
They eat insects, leaves, and veggies!!!!!
Royal palm turkey
Royal palm turkeys diet consist of grasses,seeds,corn,veggies,and insects
they are a white color with a mixture of brown, black,white, and gray!
mountain viper
They ARE posinus
vipers eat: rodents, small
mammals,other reptiles, birds,
lizards, and insects.
Yellow daisy
The bibble tree
famous people
Hazel was born in Gaziantep, Turkey she is currently 24 years old born October 1, 1996!
At the age of 7 hazels lawyer parents divorced
The capital of Turkey is Ankara
Hazel Kaya
Semih was born
on february 8,
in Bartin, Turkey.
Semih Varol
He has 1 million female fans in turkey, 450,000 followers on twitter as of november 2014.

Semih is a ''you tuber!''
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