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No description

Saul B

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Basketball

basketball Basketball
Saul Bazan Duties Skills you need High School curriculum recommended for career College Requirerments to enter college Salary earned Things I like about the career Thing I wish I could change Questions Athletes and sports competitors participate in organized, officiated sports events to entertain spectators. ~Attend scheduled practices and training sessions to develop their skills
~Exercise and practice under the coaches directions
~Keep uniforms and equipment in good condition
~Stay in the best physical condition by training and following special diets
~Compete in their sport, obeying the rules of the sport ~Athleticism ~Stamina ~Concentration ~Decision-making skills
~Dedication ~Hand-eye coordination
~Teamwork Teams $536,000-$23,587,000 per year
Average $6,000,000 I would like to attend to the university of Louisville because they are one of they best colleges for basketball. Must have
~4 credits of English ~3 credits of Mathematics
~3 credits of Science ~3 credits of Socail studies
~0.5 credits of Health&physical education
~7 credits of elective ~1 credit of performing arts
Also to increase chance of acceptance a course of computer literacy ~You get payed to play a sport
~You get to travel
~You make lots of friends ~Sometimes you have to work on holidays
~Practice almost every day
<http://hoopshype.com/salaries.htm>. the END Bibliography What are some skills needed to be succesful?
What are some requirement to enter college?
What is the average pay? You need to maintain a GPA above a 2.0 while execelling on Basketball team.Then have at least one year of college to be able to enter the NBA Draft.
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