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ShippingHub Corporate

No description

Christopher Chai

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of ShippingHub Corporate


ShippingHub City Master
\lō-'jis-tiks, lə-\
Having the right
in the right
at the right
in the right
for the right
in the right
to the right
Shipper Review Transaction Selected for Payment
Carrier Reviews
and Adjust Invoice
Shipper Review
Repeat or Confirm Payment
Your Needs and Challenges
• Reduce and Control transportation expenditure
Automated Shipping Solution
Implementation Milestones
Online Project Plan
We will donate a portion of ShippingHub Corporate license revenue to support ShippingHub Global to continue to promote SNLS for in-need low-income countries.
Current worldwide logistics infrastructure only benefits big shippers and big logistics companies.
Ultimate Motivation
ShippingHub Corporate has created a Control Tower for you to:
Control Your Data
Control Your Rates
Control Your Process
Control Your Costs
Do you have these controls?
ShippingHub Corporate will help you to bring your data from the
to the
in order for you to
control your future
Your Needs and Challenges
Logistics Service Providers
Control client shipping process
ShippingHub BIG DATA
Entry template
Store and share information with field level security by user role
Automated Shipping Solutions - Carrier, Shipping Cost, Tracking Number
Printed documents
We believe important information should be securely shared, not protected.
We also believe the fundamentals of BIG DATA are quite simple. We simply need the ability to
and securely
the data.
Product Suite
With ShippingHub BIG DATA as the foundation along with industry proven Server and Web-based Shipping Solutions, we are simultaneously launching 3 major software products:

ShippingHub City
GEO View
“One city master file with multiple impactful applications”
Most Canadian LTL & TL carriers still utilize city names for shipment ratings, yet city names are seldom validated, making it a real challenge to accurately automate rating.
We are pleased to release ShippingHub City Master with capabilities to:

Automatic city name correction to match Shipper and Carrier city spellings
ShippingHub Control Tower
ShippingHub Control Tower is more than just a dashboard to view stored data. It allows authorized internal and external users to create, view, process and share shipment and other data.
NAC and ShippingHub GEO View
NAC is a ‘humanized’ longitude and latitude based Natural Area Code
A ten character NAC will identify an area within 1 metre, where as an 8 character NAC will identify an area within 20 metres, enough to identify a physical address or a farm, anywhere in the world.
ShippingHub GEO View
provides users the ability to easily identify geographical areas with challenges and opportunities with YOUR DATA stored in ShippingHub tables.
powered by NACgeo
Have you seen shipping rates or shipping costs as a percentage of shipment value on a map before?
Imagine seeing a farmer’s crop forecast and production data on a map!
ShippingHub GEO View is also configurable to display census demographic data to compare with shipment data, easily identifying challenges and opportunities areas.
Since 1992, ShippingHub Corporate (formerly UFMS Inc.) has been providing automated shipping solutions for shippers, transportation and logistics service providers.
Currently there are 1,000+ organizations rely on our automated shipping solutions to process their daily shipments
Server-based shipping solutions are best suited for speed and high-volume processing.
Over the years, we have developed an extensive array of features to satisfy a diverse set of Shippers’ Business Rules, i.e. yours.
Web-based shipping solutions are easy to deploy, easy to configure to specific user needs such as customizable entry screen layouts.
ShippingHub Corporate clients will have access to both web-based and server-based shipping solutions
ShippingHub Carrier Payment Process
Information is only transfer in a serial manner, never shared
ShippingHub Corporate created ‘control tower’ to empower businesses, organizations, transportation and logistics service providers to leap-frog perceived technology advantage currently enjoyed by global giants.
With ShippingHub BIG DATA as the foundation, we realized we have THE CHANCE and THE TOOLS to positively impact life of billions by utilizing logistics automation to improve global trade
How do you manage 30,000+ farmers without automation?
But how do you automate without address and communication infrastructure?
We have overcome these high hurdles.
Did you know food production actually outpaced population growth the last 5 decades?
We produce enough food to feed every human on earth, yet almost a billion people go hungry, why?
It is because low-income countries lack logistics infrastructure and automation.
We have setup Non-Profit ShippingHub Global (SHG) to:
Address the world to
improve global trade

Improve internal logistics to
reduce hunger and poverty
Our initiatives have earned support from
Government officials.
We have also garnered support and
multiple Memorandum of Understandings
from private and public organizations in Jamaica to implement
ShippingHub National Logistics Strategy (SNLS) for Jamaica
Join our revolution to
and re-align global logistics.
Let’s start at the
local level
to share shipment information via ShippingHub Control Tower
What is missing in this statement and remains a challenge for transportation and Logistic Service managers is knowing the right amount to pay transportation and logistics service providers at the right time.
• Simplify shipment processing with speed and accuracy
• Keep product and information flow in-sync
• Satisfy Shipper’s business rules
• Simplify carrier payment processing
• Visibility to shipment data for internal & external users
• Build business intelligence based on Transportation data
Integrate with dispatch and billing systems
Automated rating
Online real time track and trace
Shipping labels vs. waybills
Shipment consolidations
Process mass distribution by batch
Build business intelligence with transportation data

Identify Branch locations for enterprise clients, i.e. automatically determine inbound, outbound, transfer shipments and dubious transactions
Allow carriers to define terminal rules, i.e. Is Mississauga part of Toronto in terms of rating purposes?
Define origin and destination zones, down to a single postal code, for accurate automatic billing
NAC – Natural Area Code for summary display with ShippingHub GEO View
And sends notification to Carrier
And sends notification to Carrier
And sends notification to Shipper
Identification Area
Control Tower Settings
Widget Area
Detail Listing Area
Action buttons
As with most - if not all application software deployed to-date.
ShippingHub Co-op - Last year vs. Forecast vs. Actual
Analyzm - Energy monitor and conservation
Transfer formatted data
Display formatted data
ShippingHub Control Tower
ShippingHub Geo View
(Optional EFT)
Identification area to let you know what data you are looking at.
Control Tower settings area allow users to define defaults for some or all 6 widgets.
Users can have multiple dashboard templates as defined by their user role, dashboard settings area also allow users to define filters and periods for displaying data.
4 types of widgets, 2 rows and 3 columns to display configurable calenders, lists, dials and graphs
Detail Listing Area displays selected data from user actions.
Action buttons are available to process and export selected data in various standard or user definable file formats.
Using action buttons, you can prepare input file for ShippngHub Cost Simulator, initiate payment process with one-click to send payment alert email to the carrier - with a link to display ShippingHub Control Tower with pre-defined dashboard template and selected data.
Front page - "Copyright © 2013-2015 ShippingHub Corporate. All rights reserved."
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