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Vida's Ark

No description

Rebekah Doehle

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Vida's Ark

Future Goals
Continue learning
Being aware of needs and meeting them
Exercise regularly
Eat healthier
Vida's Ark
Founder: Julie Hanke

President: Hope Baker

Several Board Members

Runs on Volunteers

About the Residents
About Vida's Ark
"The primary mission of Vida’s Ark is to support pregnant and parenting teens by providing a safe place to live in order for them to complete their high school education and beyond. "
-Julie Hanke (Founder)
About the Staff
Julie Hanke
Founder of Vida's Ark (2007)

Case Manager at Hudson Bay High School's Teen Parent Program, G.R.A.D.S.

Inspired by her students to start Vida's Ark

Skills and ongoing training
Hope Baker
President at Vida's Ark

Specialist at Work Source

Teen mother with support

Inspiration for the G.R.A.D.S. teen parent program at Evergreen High School

Skills and ongoing training
Risk Factors
Domestic Violence
Multiple adverse childhood experiences

Protective Factors
o School
o Counseling
o Housing
o Family-Style Support System
o Nurturing environment

Growth is encouraged to build areas of personal competence and strengthen areas of personal incompetence.

“If they don’t have a talent, they develop skills. As their skills increase, it highly benefits their developmental paths as well as their maturity.” - Julie Hanke
Four mothers and their children at a time

May remain in the home until 21

Different backgrounds & experiences
"each person has their own circumstances; and each person has unique needs, mentalities, and personalities. Each person handles their situation differently"
-Hope Baker
“The hardest thing is getting these children to admit that they need help. All of the patients have a hard time opening up and admitting these problems because they have trust issues.”
- Julie Hanke
Disorders (E.g. Oppositional Defiant Disorder)
Little to no resources
relationship struggles (romantic, social, and familial)
More Than Just a Shelter
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