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Le Louvre

No description

emma grant

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Le Louvre

Le Louvre
Le Louvre
History of le Louvre
The 12th Century
When le Louvre was first created it served as a fortress, protecting Paris.
The 14th Century
In the late 1300's century le Louvre began its very long transformation to a grand palace.
The 16-17th Century
In the mid 1500's century the medieval keep was demolished. It soon became a mix of new buildings, works in progress and 200 year old structures.
17th Century
During the late 1600's le Louvre became the center for art schools in France. By the beginning of the 1700's the first art exhibits were held.
18th Century
In the late 1700's the national assemble decreed that le Louvre and le Tuileries together would be a national site
The transformation continues
From 1798 to 1861 le Louvre continued it's transformation. As more artifacts were discovered the museum grew larger.
Once WWII had calmed down and le Louvre had reopened EPGL was given control and the final projects set into motion

Today le Louvre is among the largest museums in the world.
Architectural History
Architectural Style
Le Louvre is an example of a Baroque structure.
Raymond du Temple
Fontaine and Percier
Visconti and Lefuel
Ioeh Ming Pei
Importance to French History
Master piece Trail
admission is 16 euros for adults and is free for children under 18
Hours and location
The Departments
Famous works
Intresting Facts,
Located in the first arrondissement
Admission is 15 euros for those over 18.Under 18 is free
Le Louvre
Freedom, Equality, Fraternity
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