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Jaguar Land Rover

No description

Yusuke Kamimura

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Jaguar Land Rover

Our Brand Image-
Future work

Our resources-
EmplOur repuiTThe Company Overview Research &
Analysis Problem Identification Solution Proposal: UK Evaluation By Miss Paige, Miss Isobel, Mr Yusuke, Mr Yao, Mr Kaelum and Mr Yongqing What is our VALUE? Robust Research
Long Experience
A large amount of knowledge
Innovative Solution
Elaborate After Support Consulting Value Framework Who We Are? Further Research Jaguar Line Land Rover Line PUNE Shanghai
(2015) Hale Wood Castle Bromwich
Solihull Whitley Gaydon Solution Proposal Risk Assessment Managing the Relationship http://www.cio.co.uk/cio100/jaguar-land-rover/3312862/ Our Contract General Description Supply Chain Current Strategy Product Portfolio Client Firm Establish a small team across JLR's main divisions (marketing, supply chain, human resources etc).
Ensure that collaboration is handled through intranet/IUN communication as much as possible China UK India Production Consultants Solution Proposal: China Solution Proposal:
Emerging Markets CURRENT ISSUES Royalty Payments Its purpose: for the use of Ford platforms
Can be offset through reduced import duties
Dependent on the planned model of car Exchange Rate It is beyond the company’s control
Affects profitability
Affects CAN be limited The UK Market Long-term investment :
plans to open a plant in Wolverhampton costing £355 million
10,000 jobs have been created across three factories
Growth must be sustained STRATEGIC ISSUES
- In 2012, Land Rover recalled 337 cars with quality problems.

- Decline in Brand Image would be costly

- JLR's reputation will also be affected by the image of Tata and Chery. - Shortage of number of dealers and service
store in China- only 100 dealers

- Overcapacity - some products with excess capacity JLR does not have new energy vehicles.
- Many countries encourage the development of new energy cars.
Eg: Electric car, Hybrid car

- Does JLR have the expertise to pursue this? Product publicity and promotion are not
- JLR’s brand influence and popularity can not compare with other competitors e.g. Honda,Volkswagen. RISK TO OUR COMPANY RISK TO YOUR COMPANY Risk to your Resources: Finances, Time and Effort

Soft issues:
1) Cultural misfit
2) Loss of control
3) The affect on your brand image-
Quality issues
No longer manufacturing within the UK
New model might cannibalize the original brand Risk Mapping Update Information Project Team What we bring Quality Issues Issue of dealers and service stores ENERGY EFFICIENT MODELS Value Your Company's Needs Leading to Finance and Sales Market and Competitors Analysis Risk 1 Risk 2 Risk 3 Risk 4 Sales Trend Number of Units Number of Units Total Sales Volume of Each Models in FY 2013 BCG Matrix Number of Units Previous Sales in Different Markets Future Growth Prospect in each markets
[Demand Volume of Automobile, million] Number of Units 8.7% 12.5% 7.8% 2.0% 4.8% 7.0% 7.2% Unknown 13.1% Perceptual
Map (China, RMB) Luxury Affordable Modern Conservative Haval H6 SUV(GWM)95K-115K Audi Q5 380-360k Kia Sportage 160-190k Hyundai ix35 170-216k Honda CR-V 194-218 BMW X1 386-499k Chery Tiggo SUV 115k Haval H5(GWM) 93-113k BYD S6 90-114k Hyundai Santa Fe 270-310k 2013 Feb Tiguan (VW) 282k Relative Market Share Market Growth High Low High Low GE Matrix Freelander 398-598k Evoque 628k Chinese market need a new model

Key performance indicators(performance management tool)

Solution: We will design a new model of car in Chinese market

Tangible indicator: Increase the sale of car and market share.

Intangible indicator: Earn a good reputation with Chinese customers. Customers wants good quality products

Solution: Ensure the high quality of JLR car production in China

Tangible indicator: Increasing the safety of the product

Reducing the failure rate of the product

Intangible indicator: Improve JLR brand image

Good score in car rating web site Expand the brand influence

Solution: Increased advertisements and find influential spokesperson

Tangible indicators: Increase the sales of car

Get more profits for JLR

Intangible indicators: Increase the popularity of the car and brand Maintaining technical innovation

Solution: Increase R&D budget

Tangible indicator: Attract more consumers to buy JLR’s car

Intangible indicator: Keeping high technology leading in automobile industry 6 highly skilled consultants
Provision of research, analysis and conclusive solutions
Flexible, time-orientated price structure (no fixed term) based on client requirements
Fixed daily rate of £3600 Contract Three main contract term options:
1) Research, analysis and recommendations/solutions
2) All of the above + implementation of recommendations
3) All of the above + assessment of the implementation’s impact and a re-evaluation of the company’s position

Time frame:
1) 2 Months estimated, 3 months maximum
2) 6 Months estimated, 8 months maximum
3) 8 Months estimated, 10 months maximum Contract Time Frame & Options Weekly e-mail progress update reports
Meetings by request
IUN - Provision of a real-time timeline of each consultant’s activities to visually represent the work we have done Service Transparency Our Consultants Miss Isobel Tubman- Team Manager
Mr Yusuke Kamimura-Analyst and Researcher
Mr Kaelum Ross- Marketer
Miss Paige Govier- Human Resource Manager
Mr Yao Zhang- Development manager
Mr Michael Han- Innovator SWOT ANALYSIS To grow as a global competitor
To remain committed to environmental innovation
To create long-term shareholder value
To maintain a strong reputation Successful Chinese production launch strategy Establish presence in important emerging markets Largest automobile employer in the UK
Leading investor in automotive research
Major exporter
Values including:
Integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. Improve the overall brand quality The Network IUN Brand Image Employee Morale Brand Image Quality Control New model? Emerging Markets Road to Success India Russia Korea Turkey Competitors Intensive Potential Substitutions Nissan Audi BMW Volvo Volkswagen Lexus Mercedes Toyota Mazda GM Ford Kia Chevolet Hyundai Honda Hybrid car Electric car Used Car Public
Transportation Bicycle Cheap car We will ensure:
Compliance with UK quality standards
A training program
Eliminate the risk of loss of control
Sustainable company growth Conduct Qualitative research in China Purpose


Benefit To confirm the value of SUVs from Chinese customer's perception. Focus group and phenomenological interview with Chinese customers and buyers (retailers) Increase capability of making tailored cars for the Chinese demographic Cool Design? Safety? Prestige? Comfort? Interest in
Co2 emission? A more detailed Sales Data analysis Purpose


Benefit To ensure there is a customer demand for each model across different markets Analyse the data of lost sales and quantity of back order stock in inventory. Identification of best-selling models in various markets, which leads to optimal allocation of models and more reliable demand forecasting Considering contents of advertisement Purpose


Benefit To appeal to consumers and remind them of the British image and top level of car quality Finding a reliable Chinese advertisement agency Avoid deteriorating perceptual brand equity Conducting feasibility analysis Purpose


Benefit To know the precise costs and benefits, technological capabilities and culture of JLR Use research found to enhance the feasibility of the solutions Set up multifunctional teams and utilise their knowledge of finance and technology at JLR. Number of Units Source: Market line Source: Investor information of JLR WORLDWIDE BRAND STRENGTH 1. Who We Are?
2. Company Overview
3. Research & Analysis
4. Problem Identification
5. Solution Proposal
6. Evaluation
7. Risk Assessment
8. Further Research
9. Managing The Relationship
10. Terms & Condition Process Overview Prevent us reaching our goals
Our reputation
Future clients and projects
Our resources- time, consultants and money
Prevent our service from growing
Employee morale CAGR Establish relationships with managers of production faculties.
Used to gain additional understanding (potential audits etc) IUN/Intranet Categorized, easily accessible data.
Offer information to JLR staff based on their position and involvement within the project.
Allow staff to comment on our performance and input their own thoughts into our research. Economic downturn Negative exchange rate in £ Increase in R&D and Construction costs for new engine plant High Morale =
High Productivity Risk 1: Cultural misfit
Risk 2: Loss of control of the process
Risk 3: Negative impact on brand image
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