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No description

Sarah Illmer

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of FAMILY GUY

main characters
- big eyes, exaggerated face, wide body
- stereotypes
Peter Griffin (43)
- fat American father, married to Lois, heavy drinker
- Thelma Griffin & Mickey McFinnigan, Mexixo
- overweight, embarrassing, simple minded, ...
- toy factory -> fisherman -> brewery
- running gag: chicken-fight
Lois Griffin (36)
- stay-at-home housewife
- kids, husband & piano lessons
- Carter & Barbara Pewterschmidt
- reasonable, decent, interested in art
- dark side: gambling addiction, drugs, affairs
Megan "Meg" Griffin (18)
- daughter, black sheep of the family
- outcast, attempts to "fit in" with the popular kids
- unattractiv, low self-esteem, soft, non-rebellious.
- had several love interests, including Brian
Chris Griffin (15)
- oldest son, admires his father
- fat, low IQ, irresponsible, emotionally effusive, social awkward, honest, naive
- goes to high school -> problems
- bad at maths, good at painting
- delivers newspapers
- running gag: evil monkey in his closet
Stewart "Stewie" Griffin (1)
- baby, behaves in adult ways
- genius, intelligent, high literate
- other side of the real children
- diabolical, wants to murder Lois, take over the world
- friendship with Brian
- presumptions that he is gay
- white-furred family dog, human properties
- Peter´s and Stewie´s best friend
- parents: Coco & Biscuit
- intelligent, intellectual, rationally, better manners
- alcoholic, smoker, atheist, Liberal, author
- son: Dylan
Glenn Qaugmire
- Peter´s best friend, neighbour
- sex-addicted: "Giggity" & "'All right"
- immunity towards pepper spray
- soft side for cats
- airline pilot
- dad: Ida Quagmire, sister: Brenda Quagmire

other persons
- Joe Swanson
- Cleveland Brown
- Mort Goldman
- Adam West
- Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons
- Horace
- Herbert
main content
- life of the Griffins (Peter and Lois; children Meg, Chris, and Stewie; dog Brian)
- exaggeration of daily problems with sarcastic humor
- exhibits much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture
- often parodies of celebrities, TV shows, movies or products to represent American culture and American Way of Life
general information
- genre: adult animation, animated sitcom
- since 1999 - 2003; since 2005
- idea: Seth MacFarlane
- Production companies: 20th Century Fox &
Fuzzy Door Productions
- nominated: 12 Primetime Awards (3) & 11 Annie
Awards (3) & 1 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy
- 11 seasons with 210 episodes (á 22-23 minutes)
- criticism for similarities to The Simpsons
- Quahog (Cranston, Rhode Island town)
- Seth MacFarlane during time as student at
Rhode Island School of Design
- Rhode island sights similar to real-world locations
- names of Rhode islands locations and icons
- house of the Griffins: Spooner Street 31, Quahog,
Rhode Island, USA -> typical American house
- Drunken Clam: local bar
Americans are/have:
- family people (children are valuable)
- truly (say what they think), helpful
- good relation to their neighbors
_ proud of their country
_ overweight

- shows the "American Dream" (own house, everyone can reach his aims)
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