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Paola Disanto Martinez

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

BY :
the tower of Pisa
photos :
historical precedents

type of structure and structural components
relevant information :
The tower of pisa it is a shell structure
it has 6 floors
Is surrounded by semi-columns with capitals and blind arches, all in white marble.
There is a builder of each floor. Began to build in 1173 .
t is said that Galileo Galilei dropped two cannonballs of different mass from the tower to demonstrate that the descent speed was independent of mass.
The bells are seven and each corresponds to a note of the musical scale

Among the decorations at the entrance of the tower is a lizard in relief that is believed to bring good luck, so visitors rub it.
the tower of Pisa measure 56 meters
and 294 steps and 6 floors Its weight
is estimated at 14 700 tonnes
Around each floor you can find 20 columns

the Tower of Pisa began to lean in 1183 when the third floor was being constructed, the inclination
began being of 1.43 metres but in 1997, that inclination reached
5.20 meters.
BY :
The construction of the tower of Pisa lasted 200 years

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