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MediSys Corporation Case

No description

Yilun Chen

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of MediSys Corporation Case

New Method of Product Development: Problems / Solutions Development Process MediSys Background •A parallel system where all the critical departments: R&D, Marketing & Sales, Product Engineering, Software Design, Regulatory, and Production form a “core team”.
•This core team will work together continuously to develop the new product from its conceptual stage to its final production. The Product Old Method of Product Development: 1.Research & Development or R&D department will propose new technologies or new systems that could produce new important business opportunities.

2.When the ideas are passed through the leadership meetings, then the Marketing department will develop product descriptions from customer needs and responses to the new MediSys concepts. MediSys

•Put priorities in line: Saving money by risky outsourcing to India vs Successful product and making more money over time
•Add more people to the IntensCare team: If this product is so crucial to their company’s success
•Hire employees that have similar personalities: To avoid team member conflicts Suggested Solutions: History of the IntensCare Project
•The idea of IntensCare was thought of in September of 2006 by Aaron Gerson of the Research and Development team.
•The idea was promising and in July 2007, $500,000 was put forth to use on software development and product engineering work.
•In August 2008 Beaumont created a core team for the project
•Since two competitors announced they will be launching similar products to IntensCare within the year, Beaumont committed $20 million to the rapid development of IntensCare
•Goal: Launch the product by August 2009 Describing the Project: IntensCare
•The Big Idea: IntensCare
•Aaron Gerson –scientist in Research and Development
•Peter Fisher - VP, Sales and Marketing, friend of Aaron
•Patient Monitoring System: collect data on patients in intensive care units and post it to an electronic database
•This database would then in turn be able to provide an integrated profile of each individual patient’s health
•Easily sends out email notifications to various physicians and nurses who are involved with that specific patient’s health
•Over the next year, an ad hoc group developed market research and product designs
•They then sent in for requested funding and received $500,000 to be used for software development
•Most ambitious project in the last 10 years for the company
•They invested $20.5 million in this project Main Issue at hand for Project IntensCare
•Large investment = large risk
•Company’s reputation is on the line
•Delivery Deadline: Merz exerts a ton of pressure on the engineering team to meet the product deadline and to incorporate a modular design
•Technical issues: delivery of software is delayed (India)
•Staff cut backs
•Conflict within Medisys:
•A large amount of high ranking and reputable executives assigned to one project
•Created a very competitive and pugnacious atmosphere
•Members act as a group not a team The Team Challenges
*Two strong competitors announced they were moving into MediSys’s key markets
with products designed to compete with IntensCare
*Some members in the Executive Committee had become entrenched in their
functional roles

President’s changes and strategies
*Created an Executive Committee consisting of his five direct reports
*To develop them into an executive team that would jointly create and implement a
strategy for growing the business swiftly
*Formalized a process for product development
*Speed was the key The Team
•Art Beaumont – President; creates the core team for the IntensCare project
•Jack Fogel – Senior production manager
•project leader of IntensCare
•makes sure communication is happening and work is getting done
• responsible for final assembly of IntensCare product
•Aaron Gerson – R&D researcher who formulated the idea of IntensCare
•Bret O’Brien – manager in product engineering
•Dipesh Mukerjee – Oversee the software design and development
•he intended to outsource both functions to a firm in India
•Karen Baio – Regulatory Affairs
•Seen as obstructionalist by most of her teammates
•Stresses quality over quickness
•Valerie Merz – Marketing
•Was like “mini-general manager”
• oversee the product launch and manage the P&L for the product Corporation Resources Backgrounds
*A privately held US-based medical device manufacturer
*Relatively small but profitable
*The company developed, manufactured, and sold medical monitoring systems for the
hospital segment
*Entrepreneurial culture: innovation
*First two products: pulmonary and renal monitoring systems
*IntensCare: Medisys’s new remote monitoring system that would be launched in 6
months 3.Engineering and Software Design department will get role of developing the product. They will go into product specifications and then the Regulatory group will research and conduct clinical trials to test the prototypes of the system.

4.Finally, the production department will take the product specification and arrange for fabrication and assembly of the new products. Sequential Order Cross Functional Design and Parallel Development Process It will speed up the process of making the product. •Within the group, there will be one project leader that will keep an eye on the project, secure resources for the team, and control the team’s work. •However, this leader still needs to report to a senior management member.
•This leader needs to have cross-functional expertise, a high performance record, and respect of their colleagues. One employee said using this new process “forces people to look at the bigger picture” Brief Overview/Summary:

•MediSys invested over $20 million IntensCare
•The company took a new approach to how this product would be developed, with one group made up of specialists from each department
•The team was pressured by a deadline, brought upon by competitors
•Had trouble making a quality product with the time crunch
•Issues began to pile up & team members turned against each other By:
Yilun Chen
Jason Horowitz
Gregory Wax
Yawei Tang
Ryan Probst New Development Process: Problems •This new development process means the executives of each department to give up control in producing new products.
•There are communication problems between different department heads within the team. Some heads try to keep information from another in order to avoid criticism from each other.
•Creating a modular design within the system was a huge problem for the team. The marketing department wants the modular to be included in the product while the engineering department believes that there was not enough time to input the modular.
•There is still a lack of time even with the increase in speed.
•Outsourcing a design and engineering to India, which creates a huge communication and reliability problem.
•Different heads have their own ideas and want to do it their own way.
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