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History Inquiry

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kaitlyn fitzpatrick

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of History Inquiry

History Inquiry
The Underground Railroad
On July 1st,1867 Canada became a contry. Canada started as British North America, with only four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.In 1867 the British North America Act or Constitution Act was signed so that Canada could become an independent country. The Fathers of Confederation, including Sir John A.MacDonald, went from one to three confrences to discuss their opinions on whether Canada should or shouldnt become a country. When they decided that Canada should become a country they didnt consider how First Nations, Black people and women would feel about this. But not everything changed when Canada became a country, Britian was still in controll over Canada until around 1915 when Canada proved that they were ready for independence. But after then Canada started to change more and more, eventually more provinces were added and life changed for people. When Newfoundland and Labrador became provinces the government did not think about the First Nations living there, the First Nations people living there were no longer allowed access to the same prgrams, services, and funding they used to have access to. This also happened in other provinces around Canada.
But otherwise Confederation and what happened in 1867 onward shaped Canada in a good way and has helped Canada to be the good place that it is today.
During 1850-1860 people used the underground railroad to help slaves escape their lives to start over in a new place. The underground railroad had different routes that you could take. The underground railroad traveled north to get to freedom. The slaves used the north star to travel and used houses to make sure that they are staying on track. They had to travel long ways to find freedom in Canada or states that were free. They woud somtimes stop when they hit states such as New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania because they were some of the free states. After a certain point most slaves traveled the whole way to Canada. They would do this to make sure that they were safe. At the houses they were also given food, water, and a place to sleep for the night. There were many risks that they had to take if they wanted a chance at being free. The punishments were harsh towards the slaves and the people helping if they got caught. They could have been killed, or arrested because it was a violation in the US law. Another thing was the slaves that were able to get to freedom were not aways welcomed by the white society. This is why the people used the underground railroad in 1850-1860.
We decided to do a comparison between confederation and the underground railroad.Thoughout our comparisons we discover the differences and similarites between these two topics. Each states a peice of history that we can understand futher through these comparisons. They allow use to see how each furthered history in a way that events later happened with these changes. We hope that you enjoy!
Confederation was about the development of Canada and the Underground Railroad was about slaves escaping and most coming to Canada. A similarity between the two subjects is that in a way they are both about the growth of Canada. Confederation led to the growth of provinces and territories in Canada and also to the Underground railroad which led to a growth of people in Canada. But most other things about these two topics are different. Like, how confederation was the start of a new country, although when the Undergound Railroad first started it was the beginning of the new escape route for slaves in America, it is different because if somebody mentions the Underground railroad they arent going to think of when it was first opened/when it first started, they will think of railroad itself and what it did to help people. Plus the Underground Railroad was a way to help slaves to escape and you cant really use/not many people used the development of Canada to escape, but some people did.(they moved to Canada from other Countries for a better life.)
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