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Max Croucher

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of FIELD HOCKEY

Bio mechanical principles
Sir Isaac Newtons three laws of motion are all in action when the game is played, also the the 3 laws are vital for the game. Imagine if there was no friction, it would be impossible for anything to grip to the turf.
The topic I have chosen is field hockey. In this presentation I will cover the gear involved, and how it effects game play, the physics and bio mechanics of the game and which of Sir Isaac Newton's 3 laws of motion is in action when the sport is played.

Smooth ball / Dimpled ball
Is a smooth ball better than a dimpled ball? Why do professionals nearly always use dimpled balls?
The reason is air resistance. Air gets stuck in pockets in the dimples and stays there when the ball is hit.
Friction of air on plastic is a lot greater than the friction of air on air so a dimpled ball goes a lot faster and further than a smooth ball.
and Perspectives of dangers in hockey
There are many opinions on the safety of field hockey. One debate is whether players need to wear wire goggles to protect their eyes. This consists of a wire frame connected to a foam pad which is strapped to the head. This may stop some offending hits but it could snap under the impact and stab the player's eyes! The most common injuries are ankle injuries. These are common because players need to speed up or change direction quickly and could pull a hamstring or something else.

Future Predictions
I believe that in about 10-20 years hockey will still be similar to today's hockey because there isn't much room for improvement without destroying the purpose of the game, the sticks and balls, on the other hand, I think they'll change a lot, making them more aerodynamic. Also the diet and clothing will change to make hockey a faster more exiting game.
Newtons 2nd law
When a hockey ball is hit, Sir Isaac Newton's second law of physics is in action. (Acceleration is created when a force is acted upon a mass. the acceleration is greater the bigger the force is, and, the greater the mass the greater the force needs to be to balance the acceleration. the equation F=MA is used where F=force, M=mass and A=acceleration) This is in action because the more force acted on a ball, the further it will go.
Newton's 3rd law
Sir Isaac Newtons third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.This is in action when a ball is hit. You feel the impact of the ball in your arm.This can hurt if the ball is not hit properly or efficiently.
Max Croucher
Newton's 1st law
When a hockey ball is hit,Sir Isaac Newton's 1st law is in action. (This law states that anything at rest will stay at rest, and anything moving will stay moving, unless acted upon by another force.) This is true because when the ball is hit, it will go in a straight line until friction and air resistance slows it down or, wind or another force makes it change direction.
In professional hockey, a player needs to be in peak physical condition, because the game is fast and furious. A social game isn’t as fast so players do not need to be so fit. Therefore, a professional player must undergo hardcore training to be up to standards. This training programe may include; nonstop running, weightlifting, jumping up stairs, jogging or striding. Players also need a special diet including huge portions of proteins and vitamins, carbohydrates a day before the game and sugar moments before the game begins to give players the strength and stamina they need.
As can be seen, more accidents occur in training than in the game itself.
This could be because players do not warm up enough.
Injuries in training and exercises
Injuries in the games
Field Hockey has been developed for hundreds and thousands of years. It started when people started to hit stones around with branches. Now it is a high tech, fast pacing game. I hope you have learned a lot about the game and the bio mechanics involved. In this report I hoped to to learn more about it myself. I Learned why dimpled balls are better than smooth ones, the diets and training involved and much more. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it.
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Biomechanical analysis
The modern field hockey game originated in Great Britain in the mid 1800s, before then it was only played on ice. (A similar game was discovered in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.) It was first acknowledged as an Olympic sport in the year 1908. I chose this topic because I am passionate about the sport and play it myself, and want to learn more about the “behind the scenes” physics and bio mechanics involved. I intend to discover the important points and facts to expand my knowledge of the game and make me a better player.

In accordance with the 1st law,the force behind a ball will decrease as the ball moves along the ground. this is because of friction
The 2nd law says that the greater the force of the hit, the ball will go proportionally further and faster
In accordance with the 3rd law, when the ball is trapped, the person who trapped it will feel the impact, and move the stick or ball back a bit.
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