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Juan Camilo Manrique Osorio

on 1 February 2013

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How do organisms compete and survive in an ecosystem What do populations in an ecosystem
need to survive Water Food Shelter Space Population
All organisms of one kind
in an ecosystem Community
It is when populations interact Sometimes there is not food for
all orgnisms so organisms need to compete with each other to reach their needs. Competition Is like a contest between organisms
in an ecosystem to reach their needs These animals compete for food Symbiosis A relationship between different
kinds of organisms. There are 3 kinds Mutualism Both are benefit Example: Humans breathe out carbon dioxide then the plants absorb it, then release oxygen so we can breathe Commensalism:
One animal benefits and the other is not afected Example
The Killdeer Bird lies down on the buffalo and the buffalo protects the Bird. But the bird does not harm the buffalo. Birds benefit, but Cape Buffalo is not affected. Parasitism One benefits but the other is affected Example The tapeworm eats the food from human.
It benefits but human is affected Damaging ecosystems Humans made pollution which
changes ecosystems (bad changes)
humans made chemicals that pollute water. Also we
throw trash which animal can find, cut them or eat
them and die. Another thing is that we destroyed
animals`s habitats
When we burn fossils fuels, it can make acid rain. Acid rain When we burn fossils, the gases mix with water
vapor in the clouds, it forms acid
and falls in form of rain, sleet or snow. Acid rain can damage trees, plants, fish, water, animals or us. What can we do?

Conservation: use less resources
or saving resources in which there are the three "R" Reuse, reduce and recycle. Reclamation Another way we can help the ecosystems is to do reclamation that is to clean and restore the ecosystems The END
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