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Neonatal Nurse

No description

Paulina Macias

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal Nurse
Full or Part Time
Health insurance are the benefits they have are health, dental,vision, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and long-term disability
Vacation Time
2 weeks-4 weeks of vacation time a year. the vacation will be paid when told before hand.
Travel requirements
Neonatal nurses are not require to travel they stay on the hospital
Salary is from $57,000 - $71,000 Hourly wage is $31.70
Sick and Personal Time
Their will be paid sick days up to a week. For personal days their will be up to 3 days 12 days/year
Lunch Time
Their is 30 minutes for lunch and it will be included in your salary. Their is no clock in and out.
The attire depends on your employment place it can be from just scrubs to scrubs with the logo of the hospital.
Work with newborns (premature, post term or full term) that/or may not have critical condition and can be consider as high risk.
Provide emotional support to the families.
Job description
The hours one can work are from 8-16 hours per day depending on your employer.
During the day one can work in the evenings, nights, mornings, weekdays, and holidays because babies are born everyday.
Hours working
The place that i am looking to work is public.
Public or Government
In the interview the background they will look at is any type of disease, ethnicity, criminal records, and education.
ECMO/ECLS (Extra-corporeal Membrane Oxygenation/Extra-corporeal Life Support), x-rays, incubator, ultrasound, monitor, computer
The rate of the opportunity to get a job is of 8out of 15.
Degree Requirements
The degrees are BSN,bachelors,license for RN, and LVN, certification for NRP-nurse resuscitation program, and CPR/BSL.
Paulina Macias
2nd period
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