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Why Should We Save Water?

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Anmol Sunny

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Why Should We Save Water?

When You Save Water, You Save Energy
Energy is used for:
Hot Water that flows through your faucets
Electricity that you used to charge your precious phones
Do We Really Have Enough Water in this World?
Our water supply is finite, which means that we do not have an endless supply. We only have the water that we have now.
97% of all the water on the earth is salt water which is not suitable for drinking.
Only 3% of all the water is fresh water
We only have 1% is available for drinking water.
The other two percent is locked in ice caps and glaciers.
Our Precious Water
Water is the foundation of food and life.
Next to air, water is our most precious resource.
Saving water helps preserve our environment.
It reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, which helps in reducing pollution and in conserving fuel resources.
Water is essential to life on earth.
We need water to grow food, keep clean, provide power, control fire, and last but not least, we need it to stay alive!
You save water for fish and animals. You help preserve drinking water supplies.

Tips of How to Save Water??
Why Should We Save Water?
Did You Know??
80 gallons
of water per day
560 gallons of water per week
2,800 gallon
of water per

33,600 gallons
of water per year!!!
We have to die someday and somehow then why worry saving water
Save Water, Save $
The less water you use, the less money you have to pay
Its like a discount at the mall for 20%-60% off each item
That way, you can buy other things with your money wisely
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