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Balanced Literacy

No description

Audra Wheeler

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Balanced Literacy

45-60 minutes:

-Mini Lesson
-Guided and independent practice

-Literacy Centers
-Guided Reading (small/leveled groups)


*Elements of modeled, shared, guided,
and independent reading.
Reading Workshop
Classroom Implementation
Word Study
15-30 minutes

-Phonics/Spelling rules
-Word usage
Main Idea
Writing Workshop
45-60 minutes
-Mini lesson
-guided practice
-independent practice

-conferring with students (small group/individual)
Balanced Literacy
Balanced literacy is a curricular methodology that integrates various modalities of literacy instruction. Assessment-based planning is at the core of this model. The balanced literacy approach is characterized by explicit skill instruction and the use of authentic texts. Through various modalities, the teacher implements a well-planned comprehensive literacy program that reflects a gradual release of control, whereby responsibility is gradually shifted from the teacher to the students.
90 Minute Block

-Word Study
Key Elements:
-Specific assessments
-Guided Reading (leveled text)
Key Areas of Focus:
-Content standards
-Literacy Skills: Ex. phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency
-Literacy Strategies: Ex. inferencing, questioning, summarizing
-Literacy Habits: Ex. Just Right Books, discussion, reflection

Balanced Literacy is a framework for daily, comprehensive literacy instruction (in all major areas of literacy) during a 90 minute block of the learning schedule.
*Content Standards
*Skills: Ex. complete sentences, paragraph formation, citing
*Strategies: Ex. strong introduction, sentence variety
* Habits: Ex. sharing, revising, editing
Balanced literacy is implemented through the Reading and Writing Workshop Model along with direct phonics and word study instruction.
---teacher modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and application
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