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Melanie Clemen

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Presidents

U.S. Presidents
John Tyler James A. Garfield 10th President
20th President Took Office
March 4, 1881 Left Office
September 19, 1881 Took Office
April 4, 1841
Left Office
March 4, 1845 Whig September 4, 1841
September 13, 1841
September 13, 1841 March 4, 1845
Vice President
March 29, 1790
January 18, 1862 Died
Family Siblings Parents Children 5 Sisters 2 brothers John Tyler
Mary Armistead 14Children 6 Daughters
8 Sons
Mary and William Preparatory School Graduated from there 1807 Studied law in 1809 Notable Events
Webster Ashburton Treaty 1845 Texas Annexed
The Most children of all the Presidents Nickname
Young Hickory
Republican Vice President Chester A. Arthur Family 4 Sons
Irvin*2nd oldest* Abram*3rd oldest* James*youngest*
Parents Eliza*mother*
James*Father* Brothers Thomas James Sisters
Mehitabel Education
Attended Western Reserve Ecletic Institute *Hirams College* 1856 Williams college
School Teacher
Solider Preacher Death Birth September 19, 1881 November 19, 1831 Nickname Jaime
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