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Paola and Tori's bombastic Prezi

No description

Paola Esmele

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Paola and Tori's bombastic Prezi

Vietnam war Viet cong TET offensive Blaise Diagne African National Congress Haile Selassie Mohandas K. Gandhi ahimsa Muhammad Ali Jinnah N. Vietnam with the VC against S. Vietnam government a full blown fight in Saipan with the VC S. Vietnamese political organization that fought against the U.S.A. during theVietnam War a peace loving man who was an amazing tactician and liked wearing dhotis nonviolence which Gandhi
practiced and believed in emperor of Ethopia who went to
Addis Ababa to reclaims title the leader of the Muslim League and had an ambition to create a country for Muslims called Pakistan a man who wanted to
change the unfair treatment
in the British army in Senegal an organization in South
Africa that defended Africans' interests
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