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mengxia he

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of BBC

Image by Tom Mooring
Recognizable brand name
(World-Class Broadcasting highly)
Diversity in Programs
1. Local market
99.6% of the UK population watched BBC TV. On average people watch for almost nine hours a week in 2013
6 Music Reach was now nearly 2 million audience, Radio iPlayer now reached over 6 million browsers every week
Across all platforms, 82% of UK adults came to BBC network and regional news
2. Development of Global Markets
BBC World Service- delivering
in a wide range of language, use multiple
platforms to reach 166 million people
BBC World Wide- 19 offices across
North & South America, Europe,
Asia and Australia
BBC World News- available in more than
200 countries and territories worldwide
Cater to different type of audiences
Diversity in Programs, including TV, Radio,
online services.
Imbalance development in various markets

Weak customer service
Strong in Western Europe,India, but weak in US, China

Weak customer service hurts BBC’s
reputation and causes customers to flee
to competitors, who are more respondent
The online market
The online market :offers BBC the ability to greatly expand their business. BBC can market to a much wider audience for relatively little expense
leading the way with digital content
a big rise in the number and complexity
of partnerships across the BBC both in terms of a maturing of established partnerships and the creation of highly innovative new initiatives

Covering a global sensitive issue is very difficult. Due to a diverse geo-politic environment, a report simply cannot please everyone, even if it is a fair one. Just like the Scotland case , BBC has emphasized its report is objective when facing to demonstrators, but it just could not get people calmed down.
An expensive license fee could
be a challenge for holding audiences
and attract new users.

cultural diversity and language are calling for concerns.
It implies that BBC would confront more international competitors, who may have cutting-edge technology. Likewise, entering into a new market also requires BBC to improve its technology and to be a qualified competitor.

BBC was established
BBC was award its royal charter
BBC reached a first peak of over 20 million viewers watching the coronation of Elizabeth II.
Second TV channel –BBC2 was launched.

At the end of the 1980’s, the BBC saw a change in the way it did business.
BBC Worldwide Ltd was set up.
BBC studios, outside broadcasts, post production, design, costumes and wigs were spun off into BBC Resources Ltd.
Corporate Structure
Go Global
Large-span production
Epic theme
Professional team
BBC Documentary

BBC Company requests long period of space-time upon its chosen theme and content

The epic theme has been recognized as the necessity of public service.
Presents 7 different periods throughout a person's whole life, beginning with the infants. it utilized high techniques to pry about human body in a deep level and illustrate the starts of life consciousness to dead end.
“Human body"
“The Blue Planet”
Presents outstanding pictures and colors of deserts, polar region, deep sea and even a lot unknown secrets of sea life. In other words, big themes and epic content is the foundation of BBC documentary production.
Why choose China?
Most prominent place for economic, culture and communication in the recent years.

Raised certain degree of cautious and wonders among outsiders about how it progress and become success.
Why choose China?
Produced high-quality documentary series to disseminate global culture to worldwide audiences.
“Wild China”
Presenting wild animals and human landscape of the great China. The entire documentary included six episodes and last four years of product period.
Sir David Attenborough
The first and profound cooperation between BBC Company and Chinese mainstream media.
“The Chinese Are Coming”
Demonstrates the phenomenon of huge amount Chinese rush into Africa from Western perspectives.
After this documentary release, huge discussion among Chinese workers and Chinese government emerged in the worldwide.
Think Global, Act Local
BBC documentary not only focus on storytelling, but also eager to disseminate values in personal and cultural aspects. In business term, BBC is not selling the function of its product but promoting brand values to its audiences.
For those people who cannot listen or heard their program, BBC Documentary can mainly represent all kinds of information that they wanted to educate the crowds and also the society.

BBC Radio 1 is a British radio station operated by the BBC which also broadcasts internationally, specializing in modern and current popular music and chart hits throughout the day.

On-air Promotions

This is the story of the Second World War told by Richard Baker, with original recordings from the BBC Sound Archive.


Print media



BBC promoted itself in the society with positive brand image.
The three ways showing above provides the platforms for BBC to announce news about company and post advertisement and news stories.
This can be a way to attract new readers.

BBC decided to use its most profitable business company “BBC worldwide” for capital operation, In order to develop the growing global market.



Royal Charter & Media regulators(DCMS)

Executive board
BBC Trust
Management Board

In 2014

Reach 191 million adults in total

TV: 59 million viewers each week
website: accessed by 18.8 million people

Organization Structure

Local: ITV, Chnnel-4
Overseas: CNN, ABC
Websites: Youtube, Netflix

where did money from
how to spend
2014 Funding of BBC
£145.50/per household
Example: “Life on Earth”
- BBC spend 40%-50% of production cost
- Sold to over 100 countries  and watched by more 
than 5 billion audiences
- Gained the profit above 4000 ten thousands 

Think Global, Act Local
BBC all around the world
Use digital media to transmit the content
News-outsourcing: set in local, hire local
Programme exploring
1in 5 of British
1 in 25 of America
subscription fee
no subscription fee
a mobile studio
BBC's India Election Train
carry their broadcasting facilities
Reporting from the location, mixing with people and reporting their views to the world
the National Maritime Museum
Gradually formed 3 major elements in the past decades.
Digital Strategy
How BBC Documentary adapts 4P theory in China market?
However, BBC do not have subscription service on printed newspaper.
4 (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England)
8(different backgrounds)
Executive & non-executive
governing body
delivery service
day-to-day operation
normal flow
• “if you think that you want to look towards
US media, you watch CNN”
• “but if you want to know the Tsunami crisis
of Asia, you prefer BBC”

high license fee?
why no subscription
- BBC world service
- NHU, Warner Brothers, etc
customer: all audience
Documentary: £15,000-550,000/ per episode
Others: Disney, NHK, CCTV

The BBC's Value
The BBC exists to
serve the public

its mission
is to inform, educate and entertain
Thank you!
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HE Mengxia 14419556
LI Jie 14413590
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