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Mark Zuckerburg

No description

tamara yara

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Mark Zuckerburg

When Mark was about ten years old he experimented with his Fathers computer and liked what he had done,he and his Father build a network called "Zucknet". After that he got a programming tutor, but where he really got all of his information at was from a family friend.He then builds multiple websites that lead up to facebook.Marks networth is now 35.7 billion dollars.
creating facebook
His beginning
Mark connected many people to the internet ,the world is very different because of him.He made a whole new way for people to interact with each other
Impact on the world.
Mark and Priscilla with Beast
One day Mark met a girl named Priscilla Chan they started dating,it becomes serious ,he learns Mandiran and they get married.They are now expecting a little girl.
Meets a girl
Mark Zuckerburg
creator of facebook
Microsoft offered Mark 15 billion dollars
for facebook and he turned them down along with multiple offers.
multiple offers for Fb
Facebook goes public
Marks dog Beast.
Mark was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains,NY
To Mother Karen Kempner
Father Edward Zuckerburg
He has three siblings Randi,Arielle,and Donna Zuckerburg.
"Im trying to make the world a more open place."

Mark Zuckerburg
Mark attends Harvard university,while At Harvard on February 4, 2004 he creates facebook and finishes it in less than a two weeks.Then on December 31 he drops out of Harvard.
In September of 2006 Mark Zuckerburg made facebook public, he has joined millions of people to the internet, and aims to make it 5 billion people joined.
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