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Act II Scene 2

No description

Ms Wilkens

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Act II Scene 2

Act II Scene 2

1. Why does Oberon want Titania to wake and fall in love with some vile thing?
2. Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep a little ways from her?
3. Why does Puck anoint Lysander’s eyes?
Puck believes that Lysander is the Athenian boy that Oberon sent him out to find. However, he put the love potion on the wrong boy's eye...
5. How is Hermia’s dream a reflection of reality?
In her dream, Hermia had a snake eating her heart while Lysander stood there and laughed at her. It is a reality because now Lysander does not love her anymore, and regrets even thinking of marrying her.
Oberon wants Titania to fall madly in love with some hideous, ugly animal. He wants her to look absolutely foolish. It's his way of seeking revenge on her.
Hermia wants to wait until their married. She wants to protect her wedding vows.
4. How does Helena react to Lysander’s sudden love for her when he awakens?
Helena thinks that Lysander is playing a joke on her. She feels hurt and offended, and runs away from him.
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