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Aboriginal Voices

No description

Kimberly Eyers

on 25 September 2016

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Transcript of Aboriginal Voices

Trope/Cliche of the Noble Savage
Views "uncivilized man" as innately good, without the corrupting influences of society.
Understood as simple, good, and free from social pressures.

Some Poems
E. Pauline Johnson
Short Story
Read the short story, and answer this question:

How does the author complicate the trope of the noble savage?
The Problems
Whole human beings are never simple.
Aboringal societies are/were not simple, or free of social structures and pressures.

Can you think of other examples where this trope is used?
Aboriginal Voices
E. Pauline Johnson and the "Noble Savage"
Choose 1 of the two poems, and discuss with a partner the images and use of the "noble savage" trope.
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