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guns for general washington

No description

mabel rodea

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of guns for general washington

Guns For General Washington
By Mabel Rodea
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 13-15
chapters 16-18
CHAPTER 1-3 summaries
chapeters 19-21
What happens threw out these chapters is that
Paul Revere Jr. goes around the day catching food and visiting his fathers business to help out his fathers friend and he gets a midnight visit from his good friend William "Will" Knox. something else that happened was that Henry Knox is telling the council of leading officers about his plan to retrieve artillery form Fort Ticonderoga while no one wants to support the plan General Washington encourages the plan.back in the camp site Henry tells Will and later that day Paul Revere Jr. is informed of the current situation.
in these chapters it starts of with the recently good news that had reached General Howe that were that new supplies that were on their way to reach Boston harbor. within the next chapter Colonel Knox's team are trying to cross a lake with thin ice but the team are able to strengthened it. threw out that day the team passes the weapons slowly. the team then strengthens the ice more for the last 3 canons to pass as they are the heaviest. the next day the fist 2 heavy canons cross the lake successfully but as Will passes with the heaviest canon the ice breaks and the canon sinks. the next day Henry's team pulls the canon out of the lake. then the story shift narrator to General Washington that was now waiting for his own sets of artillery and was now waiting to see which group of artillery would get their first the patriots or the redcoats.
what happens in these chapters is that threw out the journey one of the people of Henry Knox's group starts seeing a ghost near Bloody Pond. the location of a batle from the french and indian wars. then in the next chapter it is about how both Will and Henry have gotten farther within their journey but had a small iccident in which onew of their sleds broke and they had to rebuild it from scratch. in the next chapter it maetions on how Paul Junior had been talking to Toby about the new british recruments and the new flag that represented the patriots.
in these chapters troubles occur threw out the journey and it mentions how on one of the incidents how Will Knox gets an injured leg after saving one of the people from the group that was about to get killed from one of the canons that broke of its rope when it was being lifted threw one of the steep hills. then the4 next chapter changes to how General Washington has noticed the changes that have happened to the patriots army. it also mentions his worries about the artillery and its delay. the next chapter then changes back to how Henry Knoxs group is now coming to another town and how their problems are starting to ease up.
The book starts of with Will Knox a young soldier in the revolutionary army. Will was upset that he hadn't done anything and thinks about heroic yet.Will looks at Boston and thinks about how the redcoats have taken over the land. the book then changes to general Howe a redcoat that is stationed in the Boston coast line. General Howe starts thinking of all the problems and public humiliations he has to suffer back home from having to fight the patriots. The book then changes to General George Washington from the revolutionary army and his thoughts from when he first agreed to help in the war and his thoughts for the soldiers he mentions the problems that went on and that he fixed and the current problems.
What happened threw out these chapters was that that as Henry and Will and some other soldiers move out they encounter some problems near a lake. in which the ship had gotten a hole. after the hole was fixed colonel Knox went on ahead in his own boat. once colonel Knox arrived he waited for the other ships with the cargo. he waited but started getting worried and one morning a fog rolled in and it made it to hard to see but that day the boats arrived perfectly fine. the next chapter then mentions on how colonel knox and his team have now started their jurney threw foot and how he wrote a letter to General washington. the next chapter takes a turn to how paul revere jr. and how he meets up with Toby a friend of his that is well informed about the on goings. paul is then informed about colonel Knox's plan to getting the artillerary from Fort Ticonderoga.
This Is The Book
This is the Map of the Trail that Will & Henry Knox took to Fort Ticonderoga
Chapters 10-12
chapters 22 & 25
these chapters are about how colonel Knox and his group of men have reached a small town and settled in . they settle down until the weather changes and it starts to snow. through out the journey the weather gets even worse and the snow storm becomes a dangerous blizzard that makes the journey impossible when the animals cant go any further. their group separates one group of the people stay behind and stay near the animals and the artillery this one is led by Will Knox. the other group that is lead by Henry Knox walk on foot to a near by town and look for help. in the next chapter Henry's group reach the town and gain help by its people. from their Henry travels to Albany where he meets up with General Schuyler who helps him find replacement animals.
in these last few chapters what happens is that the weopens are now 20 miles away from Cambridge and Colonel Knox has now informed General Washington about his near arrival. in the next chapter it explains how the new weopens are being moved to Cambridge without any redcoat to notice the canons. the chapter also mentions about the plan that General Washington had to distract the redcoats into focasing just on Cambridge.in the next chapter it mentions how in the morning the americans started firing their wepons and were showing power to the British officers. in the last chapter it mentions how as the redboats leave Colonel Knox reunites with his wife and Will meets up with Paul and Toby and how the great adventure helped put new life in the small nation.
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