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Talent Management


Roxana Mocanu

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Talent Management

1. Talent profile
2. Factors for Business strategy and planning
3. Succession planning
4. Talent planning
5. Talent management

strategy and process
6. Resourcing talent
7. Talent development
8. Talent retention
9. Assessing efficiency and success
related topics
Career Management
Competency Management
Performance Management
Succession Management
Talent Strategy
Workforce Planning
27-28 March 2013
Talent Management
What business tells us
improvement areas
a mobile, contingent
challenges in employee
a globalized borderless
drive for business
revolutionary new HR
need for
"new" HR
Talent Measures that Matter
27-28 Oct 2014

understand the current and future business context
identify specific capabilities
build a clear picture of the demand and supply for talent and skills
make the case and the budget, how to put a value on skills sets;
create specific talent pools
improve the assessment of the existing talent pools
building managersʼ capability to support your talent strategy
implement the plan, the underpinning principles and the philosophy
summarizing the key priorities,
allocating responsibilities and accountability for delivery
learning objectives
Source: Bersin
the 4 stages of HR
talent management
what talent is?
source: Armstrong, Baron (2007)
(high) potential
assessment of potential

people having the capacity to develop beyoung others
who would be expected to rise at least two further levels in the foreseable future.

TM levels of maturity
The 4 stages of HR
The nexus of talent challenge
source: Bersin
Nurturing Talent
See also: CIPD HR Map for Resourcing Talent; Talent Development
Talent Learning Evolution
Planning & Managing Talent Mobility
Assessing Efficiency and Success
Competency Framework XXI
Increased Specialization
"the jagged resume," "talent that whispers," "talent that shouts."
the Pipeline
Thank you for your curiosity!


+40 312 88 00
Talent Development
Source: CIPD
You could meet prof. David Clutterbuck at
Learning & Development Summit
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