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Medieval Times

No description

Shreya Sharma

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Times

Medieval Times
Welcome to the Medieval Times! Here you will find all sorts of fun and enjoyable activities including:
Living a lifestyle that of promises of wealth and fortune
Who would not want that?
You will be transformed into a time with Kings, Queens, and Knights
You will now be able to dress (and look) like royalty
You will always feel protected by your knights in shiny armor.

Life style
Imagine living in an elaborate stone walled castle; you have more than you ever could want and protection for yourself and kingdom.
You have the choice of becoming a Queen or a King; shiny crown included.
Everyone loves living like royalty. You rule a kingdom and have your own personal castle that you can design to your liking!
Never be worried again! Your army of knights will protect you under any circumstances.
They wear all sorts of defensive and protective armor.
Sports and Activities
Ice Skating
Girls you will all get a chance
to have the shopping spree
you have always wanted.
Dresses will be designed and fitted just for you.
Clothing will be made to express your personality and style.
Your gown will not only show your originality it will show your wealth and royalty.
Boys a crown will be awaiting you as soon as you walk through your castle doors.
Come and take an enjoyable, comfy seat on your own personal velvet throne.
Ice Skating
Come to the Medieval Times to express your originality and power.
Dresses for the Ladies
Crowns for the Kings

"Everybody is already on their way."
Glittering Generalties
"Wonderful, fabulous Medieval Times."
Plain Folks
"I was just a normal girl....but then I went to the Medieval Times."
Name calling/personal attack
"Living in this boring world."
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