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Anthem by Ayn Rand

Ms. Adams English E Class

Laura Long

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthem by Ayn Rand

Anthem By Ayn Rand 1.) Forbidden discovery
Light 2.) Escape from town 4.) Man Vs. Himself we I vs. 5.) Character Equality 7-2521 which is related to all four items
1)forbidden discovery
2)escape from town
4)man vs. himself 3.) Freedom which led to which caused relating to & finally The red "x" symbolizes that it was wrong to discover anything. This picture represents that Equality 7-2521 is breaking free from civilization. the forbidden discovery and the escape from town This picture represents freedom by showing he, a bird, wanted out from the society, the dandelion, and to me the gust of wind pushing him was the discovery of the light. I choose this picture because I thought this was a good way to to show him, the fish go the opposite direction, wanting to be different from the other men in the society. I chose this picture because I thought this was a good way to show him, the fish going the opposite direction, wanting to be different from the other men in the society. I chose Equality because he was the main character and he was the one character that stood out to me. I also chose the color green because it stands out to me and that's what Equality did. I chose man vs. himself because throughout the story Equality tries to find himself. This relates to the conflict "We vs. I". I chose dark blue because it is a bold strong dominant color that I believe was the man that he was looking for in himself. I chose freedom because this was what Equality wanted; he wanted out of a civilization where each person was the same. I chose the color white because it symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel. I chose the escape from town because I agree with this choice. Equality believed in what he had discovered. He showed courage and was passionate enough to not give up what he had discovered. I chose the color light blue because to me this means "new", a fresh start. I chose the forbidden discovery, which was light, because this started a chain of events. I chose the color red to symbolize that it was a wrong doing and the color yellow to symbolize the light discovery. Plural was right in the civilization, even though it was wrong. It was used by everyone that was in the civilization to refer to either himself or others.
Singular was wrong in the civilization, I believe, to show that each person was just another number. Equality found the word "I" in a book when he ventured out in the forest then finally finding himself as an individual.
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