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Design Connections

Course project for AD 395 History of Design, Purdue University.

Lisa Banu

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Design Connections

Illuminated Manuscripts Form and content concept: Product (3D) Graphic (2D) Body Text/Image Layout Symmetry/ Motion Color Materials and Process Shape and Structure Skin Texture/Color Interactivity Form/ Content Message Voice Design Connections AD 395 History of Design Course Project Becker Bussick Byrne K. Chen Chesla Crewse Cripe Cripe Fontes Guerrisi Huber
i was here Hudec Kumle Maguire D. Mills - Form and Content - 11.14 Newman Ogden M.
Qi Santos Thorfinnson Vanzuielen m. Wang Zeyen Yanos Thatcher Tempel Tasseff Tasicas Steltmann Schroer Sanger Olsen
I was here Loftus Le Lang Keyler Hu Condon Cherry Y. Chen Cappelletti Capen Brizendine
PEN! Ratay Banu Shadows | Movement 2001 2010 2005 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr About the Designer Use of Positive and Negative Space, Few Colors, Movement, Silhouettte Layout Concept Example You may not use this What are your ideas? Z.Wang Terashita Patti Zoey Marvel Inspired Films I was here Comstock product packaging Movie posters 1930
posters Tamara
Marcetic Stir 'n Sip CUP J. Novitski Present. The Interactivity of posters and how they changed from artistic advertising to a 3D experience. Li katey J. Pagane corporate logo designs Lindsey Organ was here Prezi by Jessica Maxfield 1947 1952 1964 This'll be fun!, Lisa Created by Thomas Richardson The evolution of the Batman icon Text and image layout help to make the most
popular book cover of The Great Gatsby iconic 1925 1952 1977 Original Cover Art About the Cover About the Designer:
Francis Cugat book cover of "The Invisible Man" About the Cover About the Designer:
Edward McKnight Kauffer Poster for Perrier Water
(Josephine Baker) About the Poster About the Designer:
Bernard Villemot Nike soles Nike Waffle Trainer Nike Air Max Nike Free Run 1970 1990 Reebok Zig Energy 2012 Adidas Vienna By Sarah Niven Nike Air Max feature pressurized gas chambers in the soles Waffle trainer's feature
a waffle inspired
pattern on the soles The soles of Nike shoes
have developed more and more over time. They have become designed to better fit the needs of the user and have greater function while also have pleasing form. Free Run's feature a multi-part sole which allows for greater flexibility and energy transfer Adidas Vienna are similar to the Nike waffle trainers in that they have minimal structure to the soles. The Reebok Zig energy are similar to the Nike free form with the abstract sole shape which allows for greater flexibility. Bilateral Symmetry in
Print Advertisements and Logos 2009 2010 2012 GOT MILK? COMPARISONS 1960s
posters 21st C.
posters 1995 2000 2012 Wassily Chair 1917 1898 GERRIT RIETVELD RED BLUE CHAIR 1922 1925 MARCEL BREUER WASSILY MARCEL BREUER ARMCHAIR KONSTENTIN GRCIC 2003 CHAIR ONE MART STAM S33 1927 MARVEL From Logos to Title Sequences Marvel Studios Logo - 2012 First Issue of Marvel Comics - 1939 Marvel Productions Ltd Logo - 1985 Comparisons W.J. Morgan "Thos. W. Keene Macbeth" - 1884 Herbert Matter "CCA Ad" - 1942 SKETCHING IN TIME 2004 2007 2008 2009 Speed Sketch Alex Dutkevitch 1941 1989 2005 The various abstractions of the bat symbol set the tone for the many Batman universes. Christopher Nolan's
Batman Trilogy Batman Vol. 1
DC Cover Logo Tim Burton's Batman Forever Visual evolution of the icons over the years Classic Batman icon
Emphasized Curves Yellow oval First Batman Logo
Not as abstracted as future versions A Changing Symbol Evolution of the Batman Icon Emphasized straight lines
Bold Color Only Detailed Color Dominate Color How Cugat uses text and image layout to make his cover visually interesting Why is Cugat's work considered to be an Art Deco in style? Relevance Impact of final design on American Literary History governmental journalism 1993-1995 2012 Commercial Color & Other
Elements Animation Sound Psychology Why don’t we just keep being in the black and white world? Why different types of companies use different types of colors? Why don’t we only use colors on the web pages? Atracsy Company
Established beMerlin AtracTable AtracBar Portable Music Players Sony Walkman 1979 Sony Discman iPod 1984 2001 5.9in (150mm) 3.5in (90mm) 1.4in(35mm) 5.1in (131mm) 5.5in (142mm) 1.5in(31.9mm) 1.6in(40mm) 3.5in (90mm) 0.27in (6.9mm) first generation iPod 1.5in smallest ipod with display Movie posters use a narrative and dynamic moment to show the essential content. American movie poster Chinese movie poster Action movies that contain Chinese Kung Fu Compare
Contrast VS.
First mobile phone,DynaTAC released by Motorola. The phone was huge
and it is not convenient
for people to fit it in
the pocket. The first truely
portable phone.
Released by Motorola. To Go Cup Great alternative to: Plain paper cups are wasteful
and end up our landfills! Some bottles contain BPA, a chemical that has been linked to many health issues. BPA free Straw doubles as stirrer Non-slip
grip Twist off top=
no spillage Inexpensive $5-9 Features: Comes in a variety of colors! Supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation COPCO Cave Drawing 38,000 BC DaVinci Flying Machine 1505 AD ID Sketches 2009 AD Will Stock -Sketching has been a big part of
our world since the start of time.
Its the shape and structure underlay
of most everything in our world. Now Then Monty Python and the Holy Grail Shrek Children's Books Initials and Decorations
in Reading Materials Tattoos Modern Day Illuminated Manuscript
The Saint John's Bible 1983 1989 Nokia 9000i. First phone with
full keyboard. Layouts for Website Design 1918 1939 1997 2000 2012 Interaction Design and Everyday Objects:
Computer Speakers 1982 - Commodore 64, integrated sound chip and speaker system 1990's - Introduction of wired speakers, basic forms and interfaces 1996 2007 2010 - Wireless sound systems, exotic forms and streamlined design Original Iphone came out. Iphone 5 2012 2010 Iphone 4 Material used for Chair Yangyang Ni Verner Panton Amoebe Chair 70’s In order to use famous actor to attract more viewers perhaps, using big face as the main component of the poster has become a fashion trend for big-budget prodution movie. 2 purposes to use dyanmic & narrative moment Make movie poster itself contain movement and visual impact Draw viewers’ attention and activate their imagination about this movie 1983 Motorola DynaTac
1st Mobile phone 1993 IBM Simon Personal Communicator
1st phone with texting capabilities Nokia 9000 Communicator
1st cell phone with full Qwerty Keypad 1996 Motorola Startac
First clamshell phone Interaction with Mobile Phones from 1983 to Present 2003 First Blackberry 2007 First IPhone, featured auto rotate sesor, accelerometor, and a multi touch screen Present Saumsung Galaxy s3
Touch to transfer Haley Richardson Atibil Comparison between the sizes of the DynaTac and the first IPhone Early Cellphone ad Present day cellphone ad Children's toys and education Children's toys like these provide ample opportunity to learn through play. These toys are for a slightly older age group and alongside education, they encourage creativity and problemsolving. Kids learn through interacting with objects and having goals and objectives explained to them.
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