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The Dorobo tribe was monotheistic. The gods name was Asista

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maddy lowe

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Dorobo tribe was monotheistic. The gods name was Asista

Religion and Beliefs of Ancient Dorobo
The Dorobo tribe would'nt have been able to perform rituals or the ceremonies such as adult hood, initiation rites and marriage without a strong work ethic and a nomadic community
The Dorobo tribe was monotheistic. The believed in a god named Asista she derived from the egyptian god Isis or Oiris. She represented the sun.
In order to communicate with the god , they believed in spirits. There were two types of spirits the good ones and the evil ones. if you commited a crime or did a bad thing, the evil spirits would bring harm on you. If you did a good thing the spirits would bring you good fortune.
The Dorobo tribe believed in rituals in everyday life,for burials and for consequences. For their burials, They would lay the person out on the edge of the forest to let the hyenas eat the person in order for their spirit to travel under ground. The elders are buried 5 feet deep into the ground, and after about one year the children of the tribe bury a tree root where the body is in memorial.
The People
Hyenas were apart of their ritual burial.
It is located in Ancient Kenya
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