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Copy of Presenting with panache

Making presentations to groups, using aides, golden rules, challenges and don;t do's

Sarah Lowe

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Presenting with panache

Designing your presentation Designing great presentations welcome
objectives of presentation.
catch their attention
Use short sentences. Consider:
visual aids
technology Steve Jobs Tips:
Theme - create a single headline
open/close each topic
Transition to next topic
sell an experience
use analogies to make data meaningful
1x memorable moment - frame it!
Rehearse Your audience will switch off if you try to cram too much content in.
 summarise main points.
answer questions.
thank for listening.
end on a positive note. 5 minutes
2-3 main points Great presenters
do what? "Tell them what you told them" join with your audience use graphics and anecdotes for variety

"the spotlight effect." What memorable presentations have you been to?
Why were they memorable for you? Great presentations:
look easy
take planning, consultation and practice Prezi uses a mindmap approach
Powerpoint is linear your voice: Volume
◦Color objective:

a toolkit for speaking confidently
to dismantle fear
to make public speaking a "want to" Structure

Core message/theme identify:
Must know
Should know
Could know brainstorm ideas:
with others structuring the body:

Proposal alternative structure:

where do we want to be?
where are we now?
how do we get to future?
costs and problems middle beginning grab attention:

startling statistic
question+ rhetorical
saying or story Presenting
confidence Fear breathing exercises
relaxation visualise yourself wowing practice

drink water get participation

anticipate audience
questions talking to mirrors using aides
check computer/ lighting
Position self to side
speak to audience not slides
Use speakers if DVD's
Words 7x7- Font 24+
Handouts after end fight or flight "the subcortical arousal mobilises
the body for action, increasing
heart rate, respiratory rate and
muscle tone. It causes rational
thought bypass ...." what is the worst that
can happen?
now what is the worst
that can happen?
now, now , now..........? thank
you being authentic when your hot - analyse why
when your not - analyse why

have fun! Doug Jeffries How did we go?

dismantled fear?
a "want to"?
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