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Back to School 2014-2015

4th Grade BacktoSchool

Michelle Carter

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Back to School 2014-2015

Imagine Andrews
Back to School
September 10, 2015

ELA - Reading
About Us
Mrs. Nauman,
Mathematics & Science

Mrs. Kirchner,
ELA & History/Geography

ELA - Writing
Math Expressions
Foss Science
This year, CRCT is pass/fail.
It is vital to your child's
success in 3rd Grade
that CRCT is our goal.
We need to begin
with the end in mind!
850 is our goal for your child.
Homework Student Expectations
Contact Information
office days
coaching days
Grading Scale
Daily Schedule
8:30- Bell Work/Attendance

8:40-9:25 Specials
Quarter 1
A Day - Technology
B Day - Music
Quarter 2
A Day - P.E.
B Day - Art

9:30-11:15 Math/Science/Health (Reading/LA/History)

11:20-11:50 Lunch 11:50 - 12:10 Recess

12:15-2:35 Reading/LA/History (Math/Science)

2:40- Dismissal
Grade 4 Programs
This year in reading, your child will be focusing on different units of study through Reader's Workshop.
This year in ELA, your child will be focusing on different units of study through Writer's Workshop model.

Writing Fundamentals Units:
How Writer's Works
Nonfiction (Informational/Explanatory)
Featured Article (Argument/Opinion)

Family Letter beginning of unit
Penguin Puzzler (poses questions)
Quick practice everyday
Math talk, math boards
Class activity
Homework and remembering
Quick quiz
Review and Test end of unit

Core Knowledge
FOSS- Hands-on curriculum
Assessments (Cooperative Learning)

This year we will be studying:
Human Body
Earth’s Layers

Map/Globe Skills
7 Continents
Our State - Maryland
The American Revolution

Mountain Ranges
Medieval Europe
Advanced Reading Challenge
40 Book Challenge
Estimation Jars
Mystery Reader
Scholastic Book Club
Class Blog
Box Tops
Campbell's Labels for Education
Terracycle (Capri Sun Brigade)

Our Mission
The MISSION of Imagine Andrews Public Charter School is to serve our nation by providing the students of the Andrews Community with a world class education, while meeting the needs of military and civilian families.

The VISION of Imagine Andrews Public Charter School is to create a school environment that prepares students for high school and beyond, develops their strong moral character, and provides them with the skills necessary to lead and advance our nation

Our Vision
Classroom Expectations
Reader's Workshop
Poem/Idiom/Read Aloud
Mini Lesson (10-15 mins.)
Independent Reading/ Conferencing/Small Group (20-30 mins.)
Group Share (10 mins.)
Writer's Workshop Structure
Mini Lesson (10-15 mins.)
Independent Writing/ Conferencing (20-30 mins.)
Author' Share/Group Share (10 mins.)
Grading Scale:
100%-90% = A
89%-80% = B
79%-70% = C
69%-60% = D
59% - 0% = E
Assessments = 50%
Classwork/Participation = 35%
Homework = 15%
Caitlin Kirchner

Erin Nauman
Thank You!

Each move along the traffic light represents an infraction.

Green Light - No issue; students will start each day here.
The goal is for all students to remain on green.

Yellow Light 1 (T)- Think time/reflect (Warning)

Yellow Light 2 (I)- Interruption (Consequence, loss of recess)

Red Light 1 (M)- Move (Go to a timeout location to complete
problem solving sheet, as well as a phone call home)

Red Light 2 (E)- Exit (go to teacher buddy or Office)
Behavior Traffic Light
Reading Strategies:
Making Connections
Monitoring Comprehension
Units of Study
Introduction to poetry
Fiction (Character Analysis)
Nonfiction (Navigating)
Historical Fiction
Imagine Andrews'
Commitment to Student Success
Rigorous Challenging Curriculum

Positive Character Development

Welcoming Learning Environment

High Expectations for Every Student

Certified, Well Trained, and Professional Staff
Parent's Commitment to Student Success
Write down daily homework in their student agenda.
Take home all of their homework assignments and needed materials.
Check the class blog or contact a classmate if missing any homework assignments.
Solve all homework tasks on their own and ask for help only when they have tried everything to figure out the answer.
Remember to pack completed homework in their backpack every night.

Homework Expectations
Scholars are expected to complete homework everyday and return it on time. Late homework assignments and no names are not accepted and are graded with a zero. In addition, late homework assignments will result in a “color change” since it is a violation of Class Rule #3.
Six Measures of Excellence
At Imagine School we believe that every successful school must balance achievement in Six important areas that we call The Six Measures of Excellence.
Shared Values (Justice, Integrity, and Fun)
Parent Choice
Character Development
Economic Sustainability
New School Development

TAG- Talented and Gifted Program
Students are screened and identified in 1st and 3rd grades.
The program will begin the beginning of October.
Contact Mrs. Gunn
RTI-Response to Intervention
Students are identified through teacher referral and/or SIT process
The program will begin in October.
RTI Teachers
Mrs. Gunn (K-4)
Ms. Blount (5-8)
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