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The Story of Prometheus

No description

makayla claiborne

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Story of Prometheus

The Story of Prometheus
Ties To Frankenstein
Prometheus and Frankenstein, modern Prometheues, had both created life.
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By: Makayla Claiborne, Misty Leistner, and Nathan Emery
His name means forethought because he is said to be able to foretell the future.
Due to not fighting his fellow Titans, Tartus had Spared Prometheus from imprisonment in the war with the Olympians.
He was given the mission of creating man out of mud (clay). He shaped man out of mud, and the goddess Athena gave life to it.
Epimetheus was given the task of giving man qualities like, swiftness, cunning, strength, fur, wings. By the time He had reached man, he ran out of all good qualities.
Thus Prometheus decided to have man stand upright as gods did and he gave them fire. He came to love man more than Olympians (Olympians banished his family to Tartus).
Tricking Zeus
Zeus demanded that man must present a piece of a bull that they sacrificed to the gods.
Prometheus created two piles, one contained fat wrapped bones, and the other hide that hid the good meat. Zeus picked the pile of bones.
Zeus decided to take fire away from man. Prometheus then lit a torch from the sun and gave it to man. Zeus decided to inflict a punishment on Prometheus and man.

Punishing Man
Hephaestus created a mortal of stunning beauty named Pandora, the first creation of woman.
Gods gave this mortal many gifts of wealth, except Hermes that gave her a deceptive heart and a tongue that lied. The final gift was of course Pandora's box.
She was sent by Zeus to Epimetheus. He had allowed her to stay due to her beauty. She became curious and opened the box containing evils, sorrows, plagues, and misfortunes—and of course hope.
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