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Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Design Challenge!

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Kimberly Wilson

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Design Challenge!

Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Design Challenge!
Saving Humpty!
Watch the video about Humpty Dumpty.

The Scenario
Humpty Dumpty keeps falling off his wall and all the Kings horses and men cannot put him back together. You need to help Humpty before its too late! The King has asked for your help! He needs you to work in groups of 4 to investigate, design and produce a vehicle which will get Humpty Safely down from the wall.

Steps You Will Take In Your Group of Four
Lesson 1 - Investigate Continued
Context for Learning - Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a productor system

Why are completing this task? - There is a need amongst society for 'vehicles' to transport people and objects safely.

This vehicle you are creating is similar to other products and purposes already existence. Such products include parachutes for jumping out of planes and helicopters for spreading seeds. This investigation allows you to experience the different effects of various push/pull forces and materials upon the behaviours of your vehicle.

This investigation will also demonstrate potential safety risks of driving cars on our roads. There are a number of injuries and deaths every year on the roads which could be prevented with better safety devices. Third world countries do not have access to a lot of safety features due to poverty. This investigation will give us some ideas of cheap sustainable materials which can be used to create better safety around the world.

Step 1. Your teacher will discuss the technology cycle with you.

Step 2. Your teacher will separate you into groups of 4.

Step 3. You will follow the steps of the technology cycle to create your vehicle.

Lesson 1 - Investigate
Focus Questions:

What is the technology cycle and how does it relate to this task?

What do we already know about the topic?

What do I need to know about possible materials and forces which may affect the design of my egg carrier?

Now lets move on and look at how this task relates to real life situations and the need for this product in the community.
Lesson 1 - Investigate Continued
As a class:

- Watch this video of an egg drop:

Gathering Research (Individually from the website)
Record research and observations in technology cycle diary

- Write 3 facts from the forces website.
- What safety features does a car have?
- Explain how forces affect the behaviour of a parachute?
-What similar vehicles exist which travel vertically?

What possible designs and planning are required are how is this important? Record research and observations in technology cycle diary
Lesson 2 - Ideation
In your groups of 4 create 2 different designs by creating a PMI (plus, minus, interesting)

Each PMI must contain a diagram with labels and measurements.

Remember to design your carrier to be strong and light weight. Shock abosorbtion is important to protect products from breaking. HOWEVER, for your design to be SUSTAINABLE and able to be used world wide (for example third world countries) it must not be harmful to the environment and be as cheap as possible to create.

(In your groups of 4)
- Create a graphic organiser on the topic 'Our Vehicle'. List possible design ideas including materials, considerations and predictions.

What could I change or improve since the first testing?

Is my design ready for the final test with an egg?

Can I use less resources or change materials to make it more sustainable?

Do the test and record observations in technology cycle
Lesson 4 - Pulling it together -
Ideation/Production Revisit
Lesson 3 - Production
In your groups of four (4):

How can I create the safest possible vehicle to get my egg from the top to bottom without cracking or breaking?

Think back to what you have learnt so far.

Remember to keep it light weight and use as little resources as possible.

Do testing of product without the egg ready for a real run through.

Record observations in technology cycle diary
Lesson 5 - Evaluation
Further Investigations

Other possible 'braking' mechanisms

Higher distance drops

Creating an egg catcher as opposed to a dropper

Try to repeat with multiple eggs

Make stricter rules
Egg Picture:

Background song:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRy0W3jpk7 Q

Humpty Dumpty Video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rmwFQTrtv k

Egg Drop Design Picture:

Investigate Picture:

Ideateation Picture:

Ideate/Production Picture:

Production picture:

Evaluation Picture:

The Six Thinking Hats:

Egg Drop Video
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=sbWHnHhXtuw

Happy Ending Humpty Video
https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=HbVx6u-jSF0
De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats
Reference List
Tip! - Mute the background music to watch the video by clicking on the speaker in the bottom left hand corner
Students to work through as a class with teacher guidance
Watch the video

Discuss as a class which egg
carriers were successful and
which weren't.

Review the context
management and
appropriateness. (Teacher)

Create and evaluation/reflection

Blog results

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