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No description

Natalie Hoebing

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Illuminati

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Opposition The Illuminati By Natalie, Juliana, Gabby, and Heather The Illuminati is a group of people that practices a form of faith known as "enlightenment" What Is The Illuminati? September 11, 2001 Does this look
familiar? How Could This be? This is a card game created in the early 80's. Why would there be explosions coming from below where the plane hit? Larry A. Silverstein Purchases $3.2 Billion WTC 99 year lease only six weeks before 9/11 WHY? Maybe this is why... $3.5 billion insurance policy
covering acts of terrorism SPECIFICALLY He also purchased a <<< <<< >>> >>> Lightweight “perimeter tubes” 27 m × 40 m core Designed specifically to prevent crumbling & promote tipping over instead Approximately 1/3 of the US believes that the government/illuminati was involved in the demolition of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon They are intelligent and well educated There is a hierarchy, the higher you are the organization the more power you have in decision making They are extremely wealthy people who finance and control banks and financial institutions, government, and the media Their roots go back to ancient religions They seek to have control, and will do whatever it takes to get it Celebrity Involvement Beyonce Did anybody watch the Super Bowl? Rihanna JayZ History Formed by a man named Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776 One government that rules over all with no religion Illuminati means: someone who has superior enlightenment Freemasons Rothschild try to corrupt other people in the world making themselves the most knowledgeable “Blueprints” Apart of Illuminati
Banker Foundation of Illuminati Told world events Will you choose to believe? The main reason why people don't believe is simply because there are no hard facts that prove that the Illuminati truly exist.
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