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Amigo Brothers

No description

Cohen Nunes

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Amigo Brothers

Amigo Brothers
Literary terms
More than one character
The story of the Amigo Brothers is about this story are best friends that have fallen in love with the sport of boxing. However they have to compete against one another to see who is the champion. This affects how the brothers act one another . In the deadly fight between the brothers, they both start to realize how this fight has affected them as friends. In the end of this short story the brothers both make up and don't care who is the real winner.
Antonio Cruz
Antonio Cruz is a young boy. He is brown skinned, short, stocky, strong and a great fighter. Antonio is best friends with Felix Varga.
Felix Varga
Felix Varga is tall, white skinned, strong, slimmer and a great fighter. He is best friends with Antonio Cruz.
The setting of this story is in Manhattan where the fight occurs and the two brothers live.
More Than One Character
This is the major literally term in this short story. The definition of this literally term is that there is more than one main character in this story. This is the most important literally term in this story since the focus is on both main characters instead of just one main character.
The author of this short story is Piri Thomas that grew up in the spanish Harlem section of New york city. Piri faced problems in his life such as serving time in jail as a young man. He spent his time by writing about his life . Just like the both Amigo Brothers they both use a dream to overcome problems in their environment.
The conflict in this story is between two best friends, who are like brothers. The conflict occurs when both have to compete against each other to see who is the best. The conflict makes the brothers start to grow apart from each other and the conflict gets stronger between them as the fight goes on.
Characterization is important in this story because it describes the two main characters which helps the reader picture them in their heads. Characterization is focused in this story because it shows the characters feelings toward boxing and each other.
The resolution in the story is after the fight. The two boys beat each other so badly, that they make up and just walk out of the arena. All the tension between the two boys breaks as they deceide to not know who the real winner is.
main characters
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