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The super duper unknown...

No description

Zoe Herrera

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of The super duper unknown...

The super duper unknown...
Once you get tagged, you have to run back to your goal before you can continue playing
Netball rules when it gets to tennis ball
Only 10 with tennis ball
Must be boy girl pattern

Players per Team
Main Rules
Try to get all the beanbags
Score with the tennis ball
Don't touch the tennis ball until the end if you do your team loses
So there are four bean bags at each goal, and the aim is to get all the bean bags on your side. Which means that you have to steal from the other team. You can protect your bean bags by tagging the opposing team once they come into your half.

Once a team has got all their bean bags, they have to get the ball in the middle into the other team's goal. The other team has to protect their goal, and they win if they manage to guard their goal until the time is up.
Scoring system
When all bean bags are on your side, you have to get the tennis ball in the opposing teams goal with netball rules.

The team has to guard it until the time is up to win.

Minor Rules
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