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No description

Tessa Gagliardi

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Apothecary

The Apothecary
By: Tessa Gagaliardi
Fun Facts
.Apothecary used leeches to take out blood
.Barbers often acted as a apothecary
.There a chapter book called yellow fever and fever was in colonial times
.Apprentice took 6 years to fully become a Apothecary
.Very few Apothecary's and Hospitals
Being a Apothecary in the colonial times wasn't easy. Making medicine was hard work and taking care of the people was even harder. Diseases like YELLOW FEVER & MALARIA & SMALLPOX were many of the feared diseases in colonial times. IF you got SMALLPOX or YELLOW FEVER your lucky to survive. surgary was dangerous and often ended in death because of blood lose or shock. There wasn't pain killers either.
Find that Info!
Apothecary life
Diseases- a sickness that affects living things
Immunity- protection against a disease
Malaria- a disease transferred by misquotes
Vermin- Animals that harm plants, houses, and food
Infected- Having caught a disease
Lice- small creatchers that live on someing

Glossary 2
Sweat baths- A way native americans got rid
of impurities
Mental Illness- A disease affecting the mind
Germs-Tiny living things that cause sicknesses
Amputate- To remove or cut off a body part
It took 6 years for a girl/guy to be
fully trained as a apothecary. This
took time and lots of learning. Dealing
with the LEECHES jar was by far the thing
apprentices feared most other then
getting diseases from others. Because
the leeches can sometimes carry a disease too. They would also cut your arm or leg and let it bleed to let the disease but soon method was proven false and that disease could not be removed by bleeding.

yellow fever
( Some diseases can be found in fermin )
Continue the info onto the billboards
for more info such as the quiz and
the questions from the google dock.
Important Facts
Many people depended on the
Apothecary to make med and cures.
so i would say that the apothecary is probably dependent. My job is still important today to help others survive.
This is a picture of a Apothecary
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