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Little, Brown and Company

No description

Alyssaa Hennigan

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Little, Brown and Company

Background photo by t.shigesa
Little, Brown and Company
I would say that the success of Little, Brown and Company is overwhelming. They’ve created multiple imprints, and have had obvious success. Its been 175 years, and I think that they’ve exceeded their goals. I don't think that they've hit the peak yet, and still have much more to come.
The one who has been taking care of you for over a hundred years, and will for a hundred more
Little, Brown and Company
Little, Brown and Comapny are a profit organization. They offer books as goods, and have been doing so for 175 years. They are a partnership.
Little, Brown and Company were formed in 1867, Boston. They started with publishing the works of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. They insist that they publish and sell only the best fiction and non-fiction books, whether it be novels, biographies, memoirs, history and realistic titles. In 1926 they created a children’s department, known as Little, Brown and Company Books for Young Readers. They were purchased by Time Inc. in 1968, in which they sold countless magazines named Little, Brown and the Time Inc. magazines. After Time Inc. united with Warner Communications, in 1989 Little, Brown joined with Warner Books to increase sales and marketing strength. Around this point Little, Brown’s editorial staff moved to New York. In 1992, a UK publisher was attained, and is home to imprints Little, Brown, Virago, Abacus, Orbit and others. Trade paperback imprint, Bay Books was created in 1993. It was conceived to focus on long term publication of the company’s finest fiction and non-fiction. In 2006, Little, Brown became part of the Hachette Book Group. They then constructed the Reagan Arthur Books, with a sole target . To produce excellent writing and superior storytelling. Little, Brown and Company have a long and rich history.
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