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The "Hero's Journey" of Catching Fire

No description

Brooke Snyder

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The "Hero's Journey" of Catching Fire

The "Hero's Journey" of Catching Fire
The Call to Adventure

Before going on the Victory Tour, Katniss recieves a surprise visit from President Snow in her home. President Snow warns her that what she may have meant as an act of survival when she pulled out the berries in the arena was seen by many people in the districts as an act of rebellion. He tells her that there is unrest and he fears that there will be an uprising. She is told that in order to protect the people she loves, she must prove to him and everyone in the districts that she is completely in love with Peeta and that her love for Peeta was the reason for her actions.
Return with the Elixir
While Katniss never actually gets to go home, she does have the reward, which is her life. Plutarch Havensbee explained to her that she is the Mockingjay- the symbol of the rebellion. As long as she lives, the rebellion lives.
The Ordinary World
Katniss Everdeen has just returned from the annual Hunger Games with her fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark. Only by their act of undying love and Katniss's wit to outsmart the capitol, were they both allowed to live. They are getting ready to go on the Victory Tour, but they have barely spoken to each other since they got back home. Katniss and her bestfriend, Gale, have tension between them, caused by Katniss's on-screen love for Peeta.
Crossing the Threshold
On every 25th anniversary of the Hunger Games, it is called a Quarter Quell. A Quarter Quell is a Hunger Games with special rules in addition to the other rules. This year is a Quarter Quell and the tributes that go are drawn from the victors that have already won before. Katniss knows that she will be going back to the arena. First, she will be sent to the capitol. The people that live in the Capitol have no idea what it is like where she comes from and have completely different values.
The Approach
At the beginning of the games, Katniss unexpectedly gets help from another tribute named Finnick Odair. Katniss hadn't really liked Finnick before and didn't know why he was helping her and Peeta, but the three of them and another lady, Mags, set off as temporary allies, knowing they would eventually have to let the others die. Eventually, Mags dies and they team up with three other tributes, one of which soon dies, and they endure through the awful hardships the Capitol sends their way.
Refusal of the Call
When President Snow tells Katniss that she failed, that she did not prove that she was completely in love with Peeta and that her love for Peeta was the reason she used the berries in the arena, she decides to run away into the woods with everyone she loves, in order to protect them from the Capitol.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Katniss and Peeta are sent to the capitol to prepare for the Games. They meet with the other tributes and have training sessions to learn special tactics to help them in the arena. They also take note of who their competitors are and who might be useful as an ally. They decide what their strategy will be in the arena, and they have a private session with the Gamemakers to show them their skills.
The Ordeal
Beetee, an older man in the group of allies, had lots of knowledge about electrical things. He figured out how to use the things in the arena to trap and electrocute the other tributes who were not in the group of allies. When the trap was ruined and Katniss and Beetee were severely injured before the trap was even ready, Katniss had written herself and Beetee off as dead. But, remembering Haymich's last words to her- "Remember who the enemy is"- she realized what Beetee's real plan was. She took some wire that was wrapped around a tree that was to be struck by lightning at any moment, wrapped it around an arrow, and shot the arrow through the weak spot in the force field. The arena blew up.
The Reward
Katniss's reward is her life. She went into the Games with the goal to keep Peeta alive, and knowing that this meant her death. She was sure it was over when the arena blew up, but later she woke up to find that she wasn't dead. She knows that the capitol will probably publicly torture and kill all of them so she wants to save Peeta from the pain and torture that will bring him.
Katniss finds out that the Head Gamemaker of the Hunger Games was actually trying to overthrow the Capitol. There was a secret plan to protect her and Peeta that others knew about, but she and Peeta did not. She felt angry and betrayed that she was kept in the dark, and was furious with Haymitch for saving her again when he had promised to only save Peeta this time in the Hunger Games.
The Road Back
Katniss's ultimate goal when she left to go back to the Hunger Games was to save Peeta. Now she has a last chance at that. At first, she decides to kill Peeta to spare him from any torture the Capitol might have for him, but she knows that she could never do that. Since Peeta isn't as guilty as she is, he may actually get a shot at life. She believes that her death could still save Peeta. She wants to complete what she set out to do in the first place.
Quotes from the Book
"Our romance became a key strategy for our survival in the arena. Only it wasn't just a strategy for Peeta. I'm not sure what it was for me. But I know it was nothing but painful for Gale. My chest tightens as I think about how, on the Victory Tour, Peeta and I will have to present ourselves as lovers again" (Collins 9).
Quotes from the Book
"'Only you'll have to do even better if the uprisings are to be averted', he says. 'This tour will be your only chance to turn things around'" (Collins 29).
Quotes from the Book
"'Peeta, if I asked you to run away from the district with me, would you?'
Peeta takes my arm, bringing me to a stop. He doesn't need to check my face to see if I'm serious. 'Depends on why your'e asking.'
'President Snow wasn't convinced by me. There's an uprising in District Eight. We have to get out,' I say" (Collins 183).
Quotes from the Book
"Without hesitation, he reads, 'On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors.'"... "I am going back into the arena" (Collins 172-173).
Quotes from the Book
"'You're going to need more allies this time around.'
'Why?' I ask.
'Because you're at a distinct disadvantage. Your competitors have known each other for years. So who do you think they are going to target first?' he says" (Collins 223).
Quotes from the Book
"Haymich's last words of advice to me. Why would I need reminding? Who starves and kills us in the arena. Who will soon kill everyone I love.
My bow drops as his meaning registers. Yes, I know who the enemy is. And it's not Enobaria.
I finally see Beetee's knife with clear eyes" (Collins 378).
Quotes from the Book
"'Peeta...' I whisper. I so wanted to protect him. Am still resolved to. Since I have failed to keep him safe in life, I must find a way to find him, kill him now before the Capitol gets to choose the agonizing means of his death" (Collins 383).
Quotes from the Book
"I even have a funny notion that if I die, maybe Peeta will be allowed to live. Not as a free person but as an Avox or something, waiting on the future tributes of District 12. Then maybe he could find some way to escape. My death could, in fact, still save him" (Collins 389).
Quotes from the Book
"I put what was precious in Haymich's hands. And he has betrayed me" (Collins 398).
Quotes from the Book
"'We had to save you because you're the mockingjay, Katniss,' says Plutarch. 'While you live, the revolution lives'" (Collins 385).
Quotes from the Book

"'But we're the only ones who can be hurt by it. We're the ones in the Games. Not them'" (Collins 346).
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