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Jamie. Barlow

Mrs. Waggoner

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Mummies+Mummification

Mummies+Mummification Jamie Barlow Mummies were people that were Frozen, Dried out, and even Pickled KA
Ba The Invisible Twin of the Dead! The Long.... Process of Mummification 1. The long process of mummification started when they would drill a hole with a drill and use a hook to go in and liquifi the brain and use a tub to suck it all up. Then the would lay a type of sand
on the body for about 40 days. when
they would take the sand off the body
would be all dried up. 2. Next they would use their bare hands and take all their final organs out. Then put them in little jars or boxes that represented their culture. Then barried the boxes or jars with their bodies. 4. Next they would do three layers of rosin and cloth on. Then on the second layer before putting the third layer on they would put a valuable thing to that person on his/hers chest, Then put a Isbene (I-z-ben) on the bottom of the chest. Then put the third layer on rosin and cloth on.
An Isbene is a little bird 5. Lastly they sometimes would put the bodies in
"COFENS" that had designs that their family and others drew on it to represent them. A bird with a human head! Thanks for Listening!!
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