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Iron Barred-Door

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Tomouse Bob

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Iron Barred-Door

Character Chart
Plot Diagram
Character Chart
is a round, dynamic, major protagonist
She is a round character because she has mixed feelings in the story. For example she was happy the way her life was at the start but, at the end she became lost.
The conflict is person to self because Rebecca debates wether to go outside and risk the unknown, or potentially starve to death.
Point Of View
The Iron-Barred Door
George in the story is a flat, major, static and a protagonist. Because he teaches Rebecca and keeps her safe and alive through all the trouble

The point of view of the story would be third person
The setting would be in a broken
wrecked town, after a war, that has slightly
recovered from a war
Situational because Rebecca made George
promise not leave her and in the end he died and
broke the promise leaving Rebecca alone and lost.
The theme of the story is "innocence cannot replace curiosity". Because Rebecca had to choose between breaking the rules or dying of starvation.
Ismail & Vincent's connection is a character from our
favourite series, Dianite.( Although Ismail says it's Mianite)
A person named Tom (SynHD) died by falling off a roof.
That green fellow will never be forgotten, even though he
When George fell off the roof it reminded Deniz
the time she fell off the trampoline.
George falling off the roof was unexpected and sad.
1)What is the irony?
2)Who were the characters?
3)What type of character was Rebecca?
4)What was the conflict?
5)What was the theme?
6)What did George turn out to be?
7)What was Deniz's connection to George?
8)Was there an antagonist?
9)What caused Rebecca to leave the mansion?
10)What colour was Rebecca's dress?
11)Who was the author?
12)How did George fall of the roof?
13)What was the climax?
14)What was the point of view?
15)What type of relationship did George and Rebecca have?
BONUS!!!What was the PREFERRED name of the Vincent's
favourite series?
You may ask is it over, well NOOO because
we feel nice and want to give out candy for if you answer a question right.

1)What is the irony?

The irony was situational

2)Who were the characters?

George and Rebecca
3)What type of character was Rebecca?

round, dynamic
4)What colour was Rebecca's dress?

5)How did George fall of the roof?

By slipping
6)What type of relationship did George and Rebecca have?

Guardian and (fill in)
8)Who was the antagonist?

There was not one
Thank you for staying and watching the prezi.
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