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5.04 Holocaust Honors

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adrian hill

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of 5.04 Holocaust Honors

Resisting the Nazis
The White Rose
The White Rose was created in 1942
It was a secret group of teenagers at the University of Munich in Munich, Germany
They secretly published and distributed leaflets denouncing the Nazis and recommending that Germany sabotage Nazi plans
They were the only German group that spoke out against Nazi policies or massacre
Their group later expanded to Berlin, Preiburg, Hamburg and Vienna
Six members of the White Rose were executed for trying to resist the Nazis
The White Rose (Non-Jewish Resistance)
Apart from being starving, weak and demorilized, there were many other obsticles that made it difficult for Jewish people to resist the Nazis.

They were confined in Ghettos
Escaping the Ghettos was risky because they put other jewish communities at risk because the Nazis threatend to harm other communtities
Also, they were easily identifiable (they were forced to wear a star of david)
Jewish resistance could not rely on popular support because of the widespread Antisemitism in eastern europe
~It was difficult and dangerous to obtain arms
the Nazis made sure the jews were stripped of all their wealth and passports so escaping poland was not an option
Jewish resistance
Overview of the Ghettos
The Ghettos were where the Jews were confined by the Nazis
It was the neighborhood that the Jews were kept in before they were sent to the Concentration Camps
They were small, forced communities'
The Jews would try to escape but there would be too many guards outside the ghetto walls and fences
Warsaw Ghettos
During January of 1943 the S.S. was gathering Jews for death camps
About 1,000 Jews joined at the Warsaw Ghetto to prepare for an escape when the S.S. came
General Heinrich Himmer promised Adolf Hitler the Ghetto would be destroyed in 3 days but it took 4 weeks
There were about 3,000 German troops with 7.000 reinforcements available
Bomb attacks and lethal gases ended the resistance in that area
300 Germans were killed and 1,000 wounded
This event inspired Jews that continued to hide across the world
Countries That Helped the Jews
There were lots of countries that helped the Jews, more helped than others though
France: Housed thousands of Jews
Denmark: The Danish government protected Jews from the Nazi officials especially Hitler
Portugal and Lithuania: Offered visas to Jews to give them the option of pretending to not be a Jew when the Nazis came
Spain: One Spainiard saved 5,000 Jews from camps leading to certain death
China: Unconditionally housed 30,000 Jews
Resistance to Hitler's Rule
They deemed him unfair
He was accusing of the Jews and other minority groups
The people he targeted as followers were the ones with anger and hate in their hearts
He focused on negative terms and feelings
People who resisted his rule were usually kind-hearted/isolated people who aren't involved with the government too much
This is what the Jewish Ghettos looked like.
Adolf Hitler, the leader and founder of the Nazis.
This is a page of the original diary of Anne Frank. In this book, Miep Gies resists the Nazis in a way, as she hides Anne Frank and others in an attic annex.
A Nazi arrests a group of resisters.
A group of Jewish partisans are honored for resisting the Nazis.
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