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Karen Callis

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Lexi

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Cats do not always land on their feet. They land on their backs and turn on their feet. In a short, no cats do not
land on their feet.
Cats sleep for about 18 hours a day. During the other 6 hours of the day they bath, eat, use the litter box, and play.
That is what cats do
day. :)
Sounds nice, right?
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No, they like each other. They play together and some cats and dogs live together. So
cats and dogs like each other.
There are alot of cats in the world. We all have questions about these cute balls of fur and I will answer some of them.
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Cats purr when they are content, they also purr when they are in pain or nervous.

When cats are hurt they calm down by purring? Cats do not comunicate by purring! They comunicate by meowing!

Why Do Cats Purr?
Lexi Joyce
What Cats Do All Day?
Do Cats And Dogs Really Hate Each Other?
Why Do Cats Eat Grass?
Cats eat grass because grass has enynnes that help cats digest their food. Grass also help cats when they are sick to their stomach. Grass helps settle thier stomach.

Sounds yummy!!
Do cats always land on their feet?
Why do cats purr?
This is proof that cats and dogs
can get along!

When cats and dogs play, it can look like that are trying to hurt each other. In most cases they are just being playful.
Kind of like when toddlers play!!
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