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Analyzing Themes in Seminal U.S. Documents

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Kayla Butler

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Analyzing Themes in Seminal U.S. Documents

Analyzing Themes in Seminal U.S. Documents
What is a seminal document?
A document that establishes or defines principles that shape the way others think or act.
Seminal documents
are not only important because of their influence on later thought or actions, but also because of the
or topics, they address.
U.S. documents may address similar political Concepts or National concerns.
In order to determine theme you must first ask yourself "
what general messages emerges from reading the document?"
You can find clues to a document's theme by paying attention to
supporting evidence.
Repetition of terms or symbols
often indicates emphasis and can help yo to determine the theme of the seminal document.
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