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PESTLE Coca-Cola

No description

Tourniaire Morgane

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of PESTLE Coca-Cola

People tend to want to live a healthier life style

Company power
one of Great Britain's biggest users of packaging materials

in the past cane sugar has been replaced with corn syrup, this could happen again
Economic ressession and crisis

Increase of Food Prices
Tax on soft drinks:

Possible Collapse of the Eurozone
e.g - France, Finland, Hungary and Norway
already have one
- Republic of Ireland, Denmark, the UK and Italy are thinking about it
e.g - price of corn syrup could increase
e.g - reduction in consumers
e.g - Coke not known to be a healthy product so the company has created new brands "vitamin water", "kia ora"
- costs of raw materials, and if made by sub-contractor have to maintain a good relationship
- introduction of the 'PlantBottle'
Threat number 1
healthier life style:
new recipe of Coke: less sweetness
smaller bottle
they already have other brands with healthy products
Threat number 2
Governmental tax on soft drinks:
reduce cost in every step of production
keep on huge advertising campains
maintain a good relationship with governements and lobbying
Thank you! Any questions?
e.g - could be off-putting to different segments
World wide company
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