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Simple Machines

View this prezi to be informed on the 7 simple machines!

Mia Mixon

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Simple Machines

change the direction of force
make work easier
variable in size and shape
can be playful and fun (lever:seesaw)

rod or bar that makes things move
Pulleys and Gears
allows you to raise something by pulling on a rope instead of pushing the object
The Screw
used to fasten objects together
The Incline Plane
flat surface that is slanted up or down
*seesaw, ruler, bottle opener, pliers
flag pole
The Lever
The Spring
The Wheel and Axle
*fulcrum-where the lever turns
*load-the weight that is lifted
*effort-amount of push/pull applied
3 classes:
*1st class-fulcrum between load and effort
*2nd class-load is between the fulcrum and effort
*3rd class- effort in the middle
helps you move big loads with little effort by adding to your force
3 parts:
3rd class:
1st class:
2nd class:
*wheelbarrow, screwdriver, nutcracker, dolly/handcart
*tennis racket, chopsticks, fishing rod, baseball bat
moves or turns objects
axle: rod or bar in the middle of a wheel
*the handle is the wheel, the metal blade is the axle
*knob is the wheel, the thin rod is the axle
faucets use a wheel and axle to turn on and off
also known as a ramp
pushing a heavy object up an incline plane is easier than lifting it
you can use a long board as an incline plane
made from metal wire or metal strips
no matter how much you squeeze, stretch, or bend a spring, it will try to spring back into its shape
when a spring is squeezed: compression
when a spring is stretched: tension
*viewers think that a clown is shot up into the air using gun powder, but they are actually sprung up using a spring
human cannonball at the circus
can help us in 3 ways:
slope to move heavy things up or down
*cut objects into pieces
*push objects apart
*hold objects together

small ramp
ex) when you use a door- stopper to jam open a door, the door-stopper works as a wedge
ex)when you turn a screw into wood, the thread cuts through the wood
By: Mia Mixon
pogo stick
two gears can be linked with a drive belt (chain)
makes it easy to lift loads high
wheel with a rope or chain around it
fulcrum/pivot point
has a spiral shaped groove that is called a thread
seals things tightly and securely
wedges on a zipper
Sources Used
The Simple Machines series by David Glover
Machines by Joy Brewster
Using Simple Machines by Donna Watson
pearson education
Simple Machines by Martin E. Lee
pearson education
More Information
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