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Online Team Work

COM10003 - Assessment 2a Learning Group 67 / Wiki Group 1

Joanne O'Connor

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Online Team Work

Ward Cunningham, the creator of the first wiki, defines Wiki as follows:“Wiki” is a composition system; it's a discussion medium; it's a repository; it's a mail system; it's a tool for collaboration (Cunningham, 2014).

Facebook is a social networking site where people can create profiles, upload photos and videos, write posts, follow people, tag people and talk to people via the internet. (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/facebook, 24/08/2015)
Can be accessed from many devices including mobiles and tablets. People are able to communicate all around the world in real-time. Can research businesses and even jobs.
If you comment a lot or 'spam' a site you can be disabled for 24 hours as the server thinks you could be a possible hacker, this also happens if you friend request a lot of people at the same time.
Having an email account is essential, then create your own profile on the Facebook website and away you go. (www.facebook.com, 24/08/2015)
Analysis of Pros and Cons

Great for social interaction. A distraction when you're supposed to be working.
Face to Face
A meeting at a place in real-time face to face, where you are looking at your partners, friends or associates.
To be at an appointed place at an appointed time.
Being able to see peoples' facial expressions and tones of voice. Strengthening of bonds and building trust. (http://www.leadingvirtually.com/the-advantages-of-face-to-face-meetings-for-virtual-teams/, 2015)
There are not many limitations to face to face meetings but one could be information overload, especially if you're meeting for the first time. Issues arise for people competing for control over the group and personality clashes. (http://www.exforsys.com/career-center/meeting-management/disadvantages-of-meetings.html, 2015). Another limitation is meeting at the same place and time can be hard to manage compared to an online meeting.
Analysis of pros and cons:
Great for meeting for the first time and getting to know people, not so easy for people to manage.
Online productivity suite and cloud based storage. Ideal for sharing and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Additional apps can be added, both from Google and an immense variety of partner programs.
Offline access can be enabled for even greater flexibility.
Accessibility & ease of use.
Online support.
Compatible with multiple file types (word docs, spreadsheets, presentations etc), additional file types can be added through apps.
Cloud storage means work will always be saved.
Real-time collaboration - multiple people can work on same project at same time and monitor team progress.
Free basic use with 15GB consumer/30GB business account storage, can upgrade to more storage space at minimal cost. Files created in Google apps do not count toward storage limit.
Some concerns with privacy of cloud storage.
Extremely flexible and easy to use collaboration tool.
No limit on the number of people who can contribute.
Keeps track of changes made, cross-referencing and providing different levels of detail are made easy by the internal linking feature.
Contribution rules can be set by the system administrator to best match the purpose of the particular wiki.
Use of a wiki allows for contributions from team members who are not in the same location and/or time zone.

“Editing wars” where the wiki content is edited back and forth to represent two disparate points of view, are possible if system/page administrator is not prepared to step in.
Vandalism and trolling are less easy to police when the wiki is large and/or access is more open.
“Potential employers seek graduates who can work in a team.
Job advertisements reflect this priority – in May 2014 around 75% of job ads on SEEK.com.au (Australia’s #1 job site) showed
as a keyword” (Swinburne, 2015).
Virtual collaboration is one of the top ten skills required for the future workforce
(Institute for the Future, 2011).

Virtual teams have the ability to effectively harness collaboration and interaction
(Ubell, 2011).
Online teamwork is made possible via collaboration tools.

To set up a wiki you need a device with a web-browser and wiki application software. The applicaton software is readily available.

[Image from http://www.ashout.com/access-google-drive-and-documents-offline/]
…wiki is an excellent platform for inter-group members collaborating on a project to store, contribute, edit, and share information.
(Shu, et al., 2015)
Image: http://www.evonomie.net/2012/12/22/uncategorized/the-key-steps-in-digital-marketing-planning/
In conclusion, just as each team member brings their own varying skills to the collaborative environment, so too do these virtual tools. Assessing which will achieve the collectively desired result is best determined by firstly performing a needs analysis(Ubell,2011). Depending on the goal, more than one application could be utilised.
Chat/social networking
Information sharing
Collaborative software use
https:// www.youtube.com /watch?v=-qTcDsbvbjk

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This Prezi aims to describe the application, requirements, benefits, limitations and briefly explore the pro's and con's of Facebook, Wiki, Google Drive, Trello and face to face collaboration.
The benefits of Teamwork have long been known to mankind
"Whether demonstrated by situations of hunting, foraging, child rearing or migrating, humans with culture, in pursuit of shared goals, had much to gain through cooperation. Cooperating humans would lead to greater survival, greater reproduction and colonization"
(Despain, D. 2010).
It has helped us progress through the ages
(Helping, 2015).
The task complexity of today's workplace can be intellectually challenging requiring varying skill sets.
Efficient teamwork helps to draw from other’s strengths and knowledge
(Orgakova, 2014).
Teamwork is as important now as ever
This Prezi

Online Teamwork
was created

Online Teamwork
Michelle Connell Jennifer Foran
Fiona Johnston Joanne O'Connor
Being able to see peoples’ facial expressions and tones of voice. Strengthening of bonds and building of trust. (http://www.leadingvirtually.com/the-advantages-of-face-to-face-meetings-for-virtual-teams/, 2015)
Project management
"Efficiency drives virtual teamwork.
Technology makes it possible."

Van Bree, Vlietman & Wierda (2001)

(http://www.wikimatrix.org/ )
System requirements:
can be accessed via web, downloaded to PC or via mobile app.

Access via web requires one of 2 most recent versions of following browsers:
Safari (not supported on Windows)
Internet Explorer

Downloading Drive program to PC allows files from desktop to be synced to the cloud
Windows Operating System: Windows XP and above
Mac Operating System: Lion (10.7) and above

Mobile/tablet apps
Android phone/tablet - Android version 4.0 or higher
iPhone/iPad - iOS version 7.0 or higher
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